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17 Ways to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Shopping on Amazon is convenient, but getting free stuff is even better. We found all the ways you can get free things (and other perks) through the online retailer. You're welcome!

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Amazon Sites
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If you like Amazon money-saving tricks, you’re going to love knowing how to get free stuff on Amazon. There are so many ways to get freebies, from those that come with Amazon Prime benefits to Amazon sellers looking to trade free products for honest reviews to secret deals for students. Some of the best products to buy on Amazon are about to be yours without a penny spent!

Amazon Audible Sign Up
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Get free audiobooks when you sign up for a free Amazon Audible trial

The mega-site actually wants to you know how to get free stuff on Amazon, and they manage to do the best job of giving it away themselves. When you sign up for a free trial of Audible Premium Plus, they’ll give you a free audiobook just for trying the service out. It’s one of the best ways to check out the top audiobooks available now.

  • How it works: Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Audible Premium Plus to claim your free audiobook. Cancel at any time, or continue your subscription.
  • How to sign up: Check out the Amazon Audible landing page.

Amazon Trade In Via Amazon.com
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Trade in old tech for gift cards

Did you know that Amazon will actually pay you to trade in old tech gifts and gear? The exchange money comes as a gift card, which you can use to score freebies across the platform. You can trade in popular items like old Kindles, Alexa devices, and more. Find the full list of eligible items here.

  • How it works: Send in old tech items like tablets and audio equipment for Amazon credits to purchase other things.
  • How to sign up: Check out the Amazon Trade-In program here.

Amazon Photos Sign Up Page
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Receive 5 GB of free cloud storage from Amazon Drive

All Amazon customers have access to this great freebie, and it’s something just about everyone can use. You don’t even have to be a Prime subscriber to access the 5 GB of free cloud storage from Amazon Drive. It’s great for storing photos, videos, and even work-related files like Word documents and spreadsheets.

  • How it works: Every Amazon customer is eligible for a free 5 GB of storage, and all you need is a free basic Amazon account.
  • How to sign up: Head to Amazon Drive to activate your free cloud storage.

Amazon Baby Registry
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Get a free box of baby product samples for creating an Amazon Registry

For new parents, knowing how to get free stuff on Amazon means keeping baby costs down, and this trick is one of the easiest ways. When you create your Amazon baby registry, expect to get coupons and offers for baby-related items, including a free baby box as a welcome to the program. The box is brimming with trial and full-size samples of popular baby products. You need to make a $10 purchase from your registry in order to get access to the free Welcome Box, though. The good news? You can add anything to your registry and buy it. Even non-baby items can be added.

  • How it works: New Amazon baby registry lists are rewarded with a free welcome box of baby essentials. All you need to do is make one purchase of at least $10 from the registry to be eligible.
  • How to sign up: Visit the Amazon Baby Registry page and make a registry.

Amazon Music Site
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Download free music

Unlike the Apple store, Amazon Music is actually brimming with free songs and albums. Of course, most of the music is paid for, but if you know where to look, you can find thousands of freebies. You can browse by genre, artist, and even the release date. For more information, here’s the difference between Amazon Music and Spotify.

  • How it works: Anyone with a free Amazon account can access music freebies.
  • How to sign up: Search the Amazon Music library by price, starting with free.

Amazon Prime 30 Day Trial
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Get a free Amazon Prime account for 30 days

Finding out how to get free stuff on Amazon is pretty simple if you’re not already a Prime member: Amazon will offer you a 30-day Prime membership trial to persuade you to sign up. Prime membership will open the floodgates to free Amazon shipping options, unlimited photo storage, early access to lightning deals, free returns, and so much more. By the way, Amazon Prime gifts come in handy when you’re short on time.

  • How it works: Simply try Amazon Prime for 30 days free. Cancel if you’d like, or don’t.
  • How to sign up: Visit this seldom-publicized free Amazon Prime trial page and sign up.

Amazon Student Prime
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Students get 6 months of free Prime membership

If you thought the free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime was impressive, you’ll be thrilled to know students can access half a year for free just by visiting the Amazon Students page and inputting a small amount of information. It’s designed to help higher education students save serious cash on essentials like Amazon Basics, and it’s aimed at those 18 and up.

  • How it works: Higher education students who aren’t already Prime members can sign up for six months of free membership that enables access to all of Amazon Prime’s best perks and freebies.
  • How to sign up: Visit the Amazon Students landing page to sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial that lasts six months.

Amazon Reload Promotion
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Get $10 free when you use Amazon Reload

If you’re an active Amazon user, you may want to consider using Amazon Reload. It’s essentially a preloaded Amazon gift card for your own account, and when you load your first $100, Amazon will credit you with a $10 bonus. You can use your free $10 credit on anything Amazon sells, including 10 of these things you can buy on Amazon for less than $1.

  • How it works: New Amazon Reload customers can score a $10 bonus when they load their first $100 to their Amazon accounts.
  • How to sign up: Visit the Amazon Reload page.

Amazon Shopper Panel App
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Give feedback on Amazon Panel for free shopping credits

Amazon Panel is an invitation-only program for existing Amazon shoppers to weigh in with feedback that helps the company tailor its products and services to the needs of consumers. Surveys, sharing receipts from other stores, and more are part of the program. It takes just a few minutes a month to score free items and shopping credits for Amazon products you use every day.

  • How it works: Share your valuable shopping insights for shopping rewards and credit from Amazon. Just a few minutes a month is all it takes to see significant cash in your Amazon account.
  • How to sign up: Visit the Amazon Panel page to download the app to your smartphone and request an invitation.

Amazon Checkout Discount
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Change your shipping preferences for Amazon credits

Existing Amazon Prime customers know that choosing the fastest shipping is a matter of convenience, but did you know that Amazon will reward you for accepting slower delivery times? It’s true—and depending on your order and where you live, you may receive a $1 credit just for delaying your order’s delivery by a day or two. Plus, choosing slower delivery times is a great way to practice sustainable shopping.

  • How it works: Amazon shipping is frequently overwhelmed, so they’ll reward you with shopping credits to place less of a rush on Prime orders. Typically, the delays are only by a day or two.
  • How to sign up: During checkout, look for a delayed or consolidated shipping option and choose it when available. You’ll see a credit appear in your account soon after.

Amazon Prime Video
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Access thousands of free shows and movies as a Prime member

Use your free Amazon Prime membership trial to enjoy the thousands of free shows and movies through Prime Video. Choose between old Hollywood favorites, new releases, and even high-profile Amazon originals.

  • How it works: Amazon Prime members (and free trial members) have access to thousands of free movies and TV shows from their televisions, tablets, computers, and phones.
  • How to sign up: Use your existing Amazon Prime membership to access Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Reading
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Get free Kindle books from Prime Reading

If your free audiobook from signing up for Audible Premium Plus wasn’t enough, you can access loads of free Kindle book titles through Prime Reading, just for being a Prime member. The catch? You need a Kindle tablet to access these freebies.

  • How it works: Enjoy access to thousands of free Kindle book titles just for owning a Kindle and being a Prime member.
  • How to sign up: Check out the Amazon Prime Reading page to access and download free titles directly to your Kindle.

Amazon Vines About Page
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Frequent reviewers can score free products through Amazon Vines

Select Amazon Prime members with stellar ratings and reviews histories may be invited to the Amazon Vines program to review additional products and Amazon services. Amazon just expects honest, real feedback on the freebies they provide through this service. The downside? Not everyone is eligible to participate. You can increase your chances for an invitation by leaving frequent, thorough reviews on purchases, though.

  • How it works: Select Prime members are sent invitations to join the Amazon Vines program. Then Amazon sends them free products in exchange for honest reviews.
  • How to sign up: Amazon Vines is invitation-only for now.

Cashbackbase Site
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Enroll in CashBackBase to write reviews in exchange for products

Product companies are starving for those good reviews, so they’ll do just about anything to get your feedback—even if it means giving their products away. Visit sites like CashBackBase to sign up for a bevy of free Amazon products in exchange for reviews. You may not get to pick the items sent to you, but users report that the majority of the provided free products are fairly common household items like sponges, toys, and other things most homes can use.

  • How it works: Sign up at CashBackBase to review dozens of free Amazon products in exchange for well-written and thorough product reviews on the Amazon platform. You’ll buy the product first. After your review is live, you’ll receive a full refund.
  • How to sign up: Make an account at CashBackBase and link it to your American-based Amazon account to see if you’re eligible to review free products.

Amzdiscover Site
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Use AMZDiscover to find sellers and offer reviews for free products

Although AMZDiscover is primarily aimed at Amazon sellers, it’s also a secret hiding spot for oodles of free products for Amazon shoppers. The site is filled with Amazon sellers looking for reviews, so eagle-eyed shoppers can get in touch and offer reviews in exchange for free products. It’s time-consuming, but worth it if you’ve got a couple of hours a week to spare in the name of free products.

  • How it works: Use AMZDiscover to connect with Amazon third-party sellers and offer reviews in exchange for free products. They’ll refund you by Google Pay, Paypal, Venmo, or other payment services after your product review is live.
  • How to sign up: Visit the AMZDiscover page to sign up and see if you’re eligible for freebies and perks.

Kohls Amazon Returns
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Drop Amazon returns at other stores for free without any packaging

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper who revels in buying the site’s best leggings and walking shoes, you probably already know how returns work. What you may not realize is that you can skip the boxes, bags, and packing tape and drop off package-free returns at participating Kohl’s, Whole Foods, and UPS Stores near you, so check the item’s return policy. It’s that simple.

  • How it works: Check out the Amazon return policy for Kohl’s, Whole Foods, and UPS Stores near you and drop all eligible return items at your local retailer without the hassle of return packaging or printed labels.
  • How to sign up: You don’t need to sign up. Just bring your return items to a participating store near you.

Amazon First Reads
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Access early releases of new books

If you love reading, you can take advantage of Amazon First Reads, which offers once a month free early access to select new titles. Think of it like skipping the line at the bookstore for great new releases, and a way to get a leg up on your book club conversations. The program itself is free, too.

  • How it works: Get early access to new releases, free titles, and more when you sign up for Amazon First Reads.
  • How to sign up: Check out the Amazon First Reads program, a free perk for Prime members.

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