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Surprising Things You Can Make in a Toaster Oven—And Things You Can’t

Your toaster oven can do much more than make a slice of avocado or cheese toast. From pasta dishes and veggies to fish and nuts, there are so many delicious recipes to whip up fast with minimal clean up.

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Yorkshire puddings in serving dishJoe Gough/Shutterstock

Yorkshire pudding

“When I make a prime rib dinner, I use my oven all day, so the Yorkshire puddings need to be made elsewhere—the toaster oven is perfect,” says Rachel MacPherson of the website Radical Strength. Test your knowledge to see if you can correctly guess the name of these British foods.

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LasagnaBernd Juergens/Shutterstock


A smaller lasagna will be your next go-to weeknight meal for when you’re craving some comfort food and are short on time. Blogger Sarah from Sustainable Cooks makes a gluten-free lasagna that’s ready after just 15 minutes in the toaster oven.

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Crispy potato chips in bowl on dark tablenevodka/Shutterstock


You can make veggie or fruit chips in the toaster oven for a healthy, non-greasy snack. “One advantage to using a toaster oven is that it can be run at a very low heat for quite a while, making it great for dehydrating,” says Ellie Golemb, chef at Culinarie Kit. For a killer banana chip, slice into 1/8″ rounds, brush with lemon juice, sprinkle with sea salt and smoked paprika. Cook in the toaster oven on low (200°F) for an hour or until chips are golden. They’ll crisp up while cooling, she says.

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Healthy Roasted Seasoned Chick Peas with Different SpicesBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Roasted chickpeas

You can use your toaster oven to make roasted chickpeas for a crunchy snack. “Toss them with olive oil and spices then place them in a flat layer on the cooking sheet that comes with your toaster oven,” says Jeanette Kimszal, RDN, NLC. Cook for increments of ten minutes on high until they are lightly browned.

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mexican quesadilla with chicken tomato corn cheeseOlga Miltsova/Shutterstock


Cheesy quesadillas are a great kid-friendly, healthy dinner to have a babysitter make for your kids. “You can preassemble them and have them ready to cook, so all your sitter has to do is turn on the toaster,” says Jodi Greebel, MS, RDN.

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Roasted salmon and vegetables on vintage wooden tableDeyan Georgiev/Shutterstock

Baked fish

Cooking for one? “This toaster oven is a perfect way to cook a single serving of fish since you don’t need to turn on a large oven,” explains Greebel. Try this tilapia with capers for a refreshing bite.

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Homemade Keto Sheet Pan Chicken with Rainbow VegetablesBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Sheet pan meals

If you are cooking for one or two, you probably don’t need a large quantity, and the sheet pan makes for easy cleanup. “Place your protein and vegetable on a toaster sheet pan lined with foil. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and olive oil, bake in the toaster for about 30 minutes,” says Greebel. “You’ll have a whole dinner in no time with no mess,” says Greebel.

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Mini egg muffins

Egg muffins are the perfect portable breakfast. “Instead of using a muffin tin, place the egg mixture in a ramekin, then bake in the toaster for a quick and healthy breakfast,” says Greebel. “This is also great for a college student who doesn’t have a stove and wants a healthy, inexpensive, filling meal,” she adds. Speaking of college students—they’ll definitely want to hear about these 14 surprising foods you can prep in a coffee maker.

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Roasted almondsAndrey Smirnov/Shutterstock

Toasted nuts

The toaster oven is an easy way to toast a small batch of nuts without having to crank up the heat in your main oven.” Simply line your baking sheet with parchment paper or foil, arrange nuts in a single layer, and roast for 15 minutes on 350 degrees,” says Hybrid Pasta Mama. Be sure to shake the pan around every five minutes so the nuts toast evenly.

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Muffin tin and holder with hard boiled eggs on wooden tableAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Hard baked eggs

Skip the boiling and bake those eggs (shell and all) in the toaster oven. These typically take about 30 minutes to cook at 325 degrees. Placing the eggs in a muffin tips keeps them in the perfect hard boiling position while baking. The toaster oven isn’t the only versatile appliance in your kitchen—your microwave can do these 16 incredible things.

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Yellow coffee cup on dark minimal backgroundTom Eversley/Shutterstock

Don’t put these things in the toaster oven

There are certain materials that can be dangerous when cooked in a toaster oven. Don’t use Pyrex glass, coffee mugs, or coffee cups, mason jars, or parchment paper. Foil is OK but don’t let it touch the heating element of the walls of the toaster oven, because it could melt. As with all appliance, check your owner’s manual for exact guidelines. You need to be careful with your microwave, too—these are the 12 things you should never nuke.

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