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Caskets, Trees, and 8 Other Surprising Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent

From sheets to sunglasses to husbands (yes, really!), here are 10 things in life you don't actually have to commit to.

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Why splurge on a pair of designer shades only to have that same pair go out of style at the turn of the season? Sunglasses that flatter your face shape have the power to bring your look entirely full circle—but it’s all about versatility and taking advantage of the freedom to mix and match certain designs. Instead of dropping a fortune on a new pair of high-end frames, consider renting some from, a newly-launched eyewear subscription service for both men and women. The site features over 3,000 designs from top brands including Gucci, Balmain, and Alexander McQueen—all available for rent one frame at a time in exchange for a base subscription service that ranges from $45 to $75/month. Check out these unusual things you didn’t know you could donate.

Bed sheets

Subscribe to sustainability with “Coyuchi for Life,” a new Netflix-like linen subscription service launched earlier this year by leading organic cotton manufacturer Coyuchi. Users can subscribe to the program in six, 12, or 24-month increments. At the end of their chosen period, subscribers will then receive a new set of sheets, towels, and/or duvet covers before sending their old ones back to be renewed, up-cycled, or recycled. If the product can remain useful in its current state, it’s renewed and sold to third parties like Airbnb hosts. Items that can’t be renewed but are still in good condition are instead up-cycled and turned into other household staples like curtains. Whatever the fate of your linens, subscribers can take comfort in knowing their participation will contribute to Coyuchi’s mission to alleviate the millions of textiles that end up in landfills each year—and you get to sleep on new sheets for a fraction of the cost. Here’s what you need to know before you get new bedsheets (even if you’re only borrowing them).



Believe it or not, yes—you can actually rent foliage. Well, sort of. Companies like Twilight Trees rent gorgeous faux trees for all occasions. Check out their LED trees for an easy way to brighten up an outdoor summer soiree. These beautiful numbers come decked out with colored lights in every shade imaginable. If you want something more natural looking, Twilight Trees also rent “trees in bloom,” made to look almost identical to the real deal. Your guests won’t know what hit them.

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Camera lenses

DSLR lenses are some of the priciest tools around—yet the chance to capture life’s biggest moments with the utmost beauty and accuracy can be quite priceless. When your smartphone just won’t cut it, consider renting a camera lens through local and online stores like NYC-based ARC, Adorama Rental Co. They have everything from DSLR lenses to fancier camera accessories for picture-perfect lighting and more. Browse their site for a number of different options before renting for days or weeks at a time. ARC also frequently works with major media companies including HBO and CBS, so you know their services and equipment are reliable, trustworthy and bound to get you that flawless photo.

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Funerals are expensive. If you’re planning a funeral for a deceased loved one, and that service will be followed by cremation, consider renting a casket for thousands less than actually purchasing one. When you spend less money on the basics, you can spend more on the truly meaningful stuff—flowers, food and drink, donations to a favorite charity—that has the potential to turn the ceremony into a celebration of life according to exactly what made that loved one of yours so special. Check out some unusual things—like caskets—you didn’t know you could get at Costco.

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Feeling blue? Rent a rescue puppy. Sometimes all it takes is a quick furry fix to turn the worst of days around. Companies like Seattle-based BravePup succeed through an approach centered on the health, wellness, and stress-relieving components of puppy therapy, but others like Minneapolis-based Secondhand Hounds are known for their “puppy parties,” 90-minute sessions that bring three or more puppies to any corporate event, team building activity, or birthday celebration. And if you fall in love with a little furball? Both these companies, and many like them, hope you’ll adopt the dogs.

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Designer handbags

A woman’s chosen handbag represents so much more than utility. For many of us, purses are representations of personal style and self-perception—two virtues that should never suffer as a result of a tighter budget. Sites like Bag Borrow or Steal and Rent the Runway, most well-known for its high-end designer dresses available for temporary rental, offer handbags for rent at a fraction of their original cost. Bag Borrow or Steal rents pieces out on a monthly basis but Rent the Runway operates under a shorter time frame. Both are free of any membership or hidden fees but if you want a special occasion bag, the latter is probably your answer. If you prefer thrift shopping, learn how to get the best deals on handbags and lots of other items.


Pressure washers

Rent an electric pressure washer and tackle your outdoor cleaning in less than 24 hours. These all-purpose machines are responsible for keeping some of the world’s most treasured international monuments clean and are easily available for rent via local Home Depot stores for just under $40/day. Keep in mind, a $59 delivery fee may also apply if you want the washer delivered straight to your home from the store. Here are some more money-saving Home Depot secrets only experts know.

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Someone to wait in line for you

Patience is a virtue, but it’s not always in the cards. Rent someone via TaskRabbit to stand in line for you the next time you’re craving dinner at that favorite restaurant of yours that (naturally) doesn’t take reservations. It’ll save you both time and sanity. Simply input your location, describe the wait task with a few key details, confirm price, and book your lucky victim. Check out these wacky jobs you never knew you could apply for.


Handyman “husband”

If you’re in a pinch to get some work done around the house, and your usual go-to tricks are still leaving you short on time, consider renting your very own handyman “husband” to take care of anything you can’t handle. Most credible handyman services are locally-based so do your research to make sure you’re booking with the best in your area. Sites like Porch are great resources to turn to for real customer testimonials. TaskRabbit can also set you up with top-rated local handymen for help with any home maintenance, decor or repair project. Here are some other tips to help you save money on pretty much everything.

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