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36 Things You Should Always Buy on Amazon

The good news is that if you need something fast and at the best possible price, you can probably find it on Amazon. The bad news is that you may never feel the need to leave your house again.

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Shop smarter

It’s gotten to the point where Amazon has, for many, become synonymous with online shopping. When there’s something we want and we want it ASAP, we don’t search the Internet high and low. Rather, we click on Amazon and then wait for our package to arrive in a few short days, if not the next day. The COVID-19 pandemic has only underscored how much we value Amazon. With Prime, Prime Wardrobe, and Prime Pantry, it’s possible to get everything you need without leaving your house or paying for delivery. Plus, sometimes you’ll pay a whole lot less for those items than you would elsewhere. In fact, there are some things you should always buy on Amazon if you want to get the best deals possible, and that’s what you’ll find here. Before you start buying, though, make sure you know these 12 additional tricks to save money on your favorite online retailer.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

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bulk lightbulbsvia

Light bulbs in bulk

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Shopping for light bulbs can be tedious and expensive. Of course, Amazon delivers (literally) on quality, price, and ease of experience with a 16-pack of Energetic 60 watt-equivalent bulbs in soft white for just $17.99—or less if you click the 5 percent off coupon, and you should always, always click the 5 percent off coupon if it appears below the price on Amazon. Either way, the price amounts to just barely over $1 per bulb, which is, bar none, the best price we’ve seen in recent years for 60-watt bulbs. How do they do that? Eh, why question it? Instead, read some of the funniest Amazon reviews of all time.

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Post-season patio furniture

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Summer’s over, which means two things: First, it’s time to get ready for fall, so you’ll want to make sure you cover these 50 crucial home tasks. Second, before you put your patio furniture into winter storage, take a moment to reassess. Sure, you loved that set of chairs when you bought it, but if you’ve started to lose that lovin’ feelin’, it might be time for a change. And if you don’t want to invest a boatload of money on outdoor furniture (especially given how fickle you are about it!), then you’ll be happy to know that Amazon sells a wide array of patio items at affordable prices, like this modern Flash Furniture 4-Pack of orange metal indoor-outdoor chairs for just $204.10. At what amounts to about $50 a chair, the price can’t be beat.

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pampers diapersvia


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If you’ve got a little one in the house and you’re not shopping for diapers on Amazon, we have one question for you: Why? Not only does Amazon have great deals on name-brand disposables, such as Pampers Swaddlers Size 3 diapers in a 168-count box for $49.12, but if you subscribe to regular shipments, Amazon will knock 5 percent off of the price (and you won’t have to worry about running out if you have a monthly order coming your way). Or you can simply click on the coupon for $1.50 off that appears under the price. While shopping, beware of these 13 signs an Amazon seller can’t be trusted.

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amazon alexa - all new echovia

Everything Alexa

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Since Alexa is Amazon’s proprietary virtual voice-activated assistant, Amazon will have the most comprehensive and up-to-date selection of Alexa-powered devices, including the newest Amazon Echo, which becomes available October 22. The Echo model pictured here is the fourth-generation of the quintessential Alexa-powered device, and it incorporates all the features of the smart-home hub Echo Plus into a cool orb-like design. Bonus: You’ll also get particularly good deals on Alexa devices on Prime Day and during other promotional events. These are the Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals you can’t afford to miss.

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basic underwearvia

Basic underwear

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When it’s time to replenish your supply of panties, first read some expert solutions to common underwear problems. Then hop online and save big bucks on these basics. Score a six-pack of the extremely well-reviewed Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panties for just $13.50.

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hanky panky cute underwearvia

Really cute underwear

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Yes, Amazon’s got it going on when it comes to basic undies. But don’t count out Amazon when it comes to great prices on fun underwear (funderwear?). Take, for example, these super comfy Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Thongs, which come in a five-pack for $94. They’d cost you $110 if you were to buy them on the Hanky Panky website. While we’re on the subject, make sure you own the best shapewear for every type of dress.

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nature's bounty zincvia

Immunity support

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With the pandemic still raging on and cold and flu season just around the corner, it seems like it might be prudent to consider healthy ways to boost your immune system. Not only is zinc helpful in hastening recovery from the common cold, but there’s also reason to believe it might help you ward off COVID-19, especially when you’re feeling stressed. On Amazon, you can find 100-caplet bottles of Nature’s Bounty 50 mg supplements for a mere $3.99. Protect yourself even more by stocking up on these 7 best cold weather face masks for coronavirus.

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7_Toilet papervia

Toilet paper in bulk

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For a while there, it was exciting just to be able to find toilet paper in stock. Now, toilet paper is back on the shelves, and you can buy it in bulk without feeling like you’re hoarding. So that leaves only one question, which is: How much do you want to spend on your toilet tissue? We prefer to spend less rather than more, and that’s what we get with this two-ply toilet paper from Solimo (it’s an Amazon brand), which amounts to less than 20 cents per 100 sheets. Here’s more advice on how to stock up wisely, emergency or not.

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basic black tank topsvia

Basic tank tops

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It used to be that there were two kinds of people in the world: those who cared about wearing the cutest name-brand workout clothes to the gym and those who didn’t. Thanks to social distancing, however, many people haven’t set foot in a gym in months, which means a lot more people are going to be excited about these four-packs of comfy, stretchy tank tops for a mere $14.41. That’s just over $3 per tank top. Even better, they’re longline, so they won’t hike up while you’re reaching up, and they’re machine washable. Here’s how to avoid COVID-19 at the gym.

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pamela's pancake mixvia

Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix

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If you’ve gone gluten-free and you’re mourning the loss of pancakes, you’ll feel a whole lot better once you try Pamela’s baking and pancake mix. You’ll never know it’s gluten-free. Seriously, make it for your kids and don’t tell them it’s gluten-free; they’ll just think they’re eating awesome pancakes. You can buy this item at your local supermarket if you don’t mind masking up, but it seems pretty unlikely your store will beat Amazon’s pricing. For $41.16, you can get six 24-ounce bags, while at the supermarket, you’re likely to spend more than $50 for the same amount. By the way, here are 12 things you won’t find in grocery stores anymore.

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crave coffee podsvia

Crave Coffee 100-count variety pack

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At just 26 cents per K Cup, you won’t find a better deal for these coffee essentials than on Amazon. But please note that this amazing price is only for the variety pack. If you want all 100 cups to be a particular flavor, you’ll have to pony up a total of 31 cents per K Cup, which, come to think of it, is still an incredible price. Since we’re on the topic of K Cups, let’s talk about how to clean your Keurig coffee maker the right way.

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diet snapple bottlevia


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For a while there during the height of the spring lockdown, it was almost impossible to find Diet Snapple Peach iced tea at the supermarket. Some of us (as in those of us who have been obsessed with Snapple since the late 1980s) had to find other ways to get our fix. And by “other ways,” we mean Amazon. As it turned out, Amazon had and continues to have incredible deals on Snapple, including this 24-pack of 20-ounce bottles, which gets delivered right to your door (hey, it’s heavy), for $41. That’s less than $1 per 20-ounce bottle. Here are 8 more ways shopping is likely to change post-pandemic.

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auraglow teeth whitening kitvia

Auraglow teeth-whitening kit

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With thousands of rave reviews, Auraglow is the most popular teeth-whitening kit on Amazon, and it promises results in as little as one treatment. The list price for this must-have is $59.99, but on Amazon, you can get it for $48.95.

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oral-b rechargeable toothbrushvia

Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush

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If you’re looking for a rechargeable electric toothbrush, you’ll want to check Amazon’s prices before making a purchase elsewhere. For example, you can score this Oral-B Pro-Health 3000 Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity for $89.99. You can buy the same toothbrush at Best Buy, but you’ll pay $10 more. FYI, these 9 things you’re buying at Target are actually cheaper on Amazon.

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tcl 43 inch 4k smart tvvia

TCL 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV

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On Amazon, you don’t have to wait until late January for great deals on televisions (Super Bowl week is known for its awesome sales, and not just on televisions). Anytime you want, for example, you can buy this TCL SmartTV for $229, which is $100 off the MSRP.

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amazon fire tv stickvia

Amazon Fire Stick

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The Amazon Fire Stick is a way to get all the streaming power of a smart TV without having to buy a smart TV. This one has Alexa voice remote and costs $39.99. Don’t bother trying to find one of these anywhere else—it’s only available on Amazon. While you’re in upgrade mode, consider buying these 15 smart home devices that are worth every penny.

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bulk aa batteriesvia

Bulk batteries: AA

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One of Amazon’s best deals has always been its AmazonBasics batteries. For example, you can get a 48-count package of AmazonBasics AA Performance Alkaline Batteries for $15.49. (Plus, they’re eligible for Prime’s free two-day shipping, as are many of the items on this list.) You’ll pay close to 25 percent more for Energizer batteries.

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bulk aaa batteriesvia

Bulk batteries: AAA

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As impressive as Amazon’s deal on AA batteries is, its deal on AAA batteries is even better: You can get 100 Amazon Basics AAAs for a mere $23.99. That’s almost half of what you’d pay for an off-brand at Best Buy. Speaking of crazy deals, you can buy all these things on Amazon for less than a buck!

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morphie charge padvia

Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

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Qi technology means never having to plug in your phone to charge it. Wireless charging is still relatively new, so you might expect to pay more for it. And, indeed, you might have to—unless you’ve stumbled upon this one by Mophie, which, if you buy it on Amazon, you can have it for $29.99, which is half the MSRP. What else should you consider adding to your cart? These Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.

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torras slim iphone casevia

Torras slim-fit iPhone case


/iPhone 8 Case/iPhone 7 Case Protective Upgrade Matte Anti-Scratch Silky Yet Firm Grip Compatible for iPhone SE Phone Case/iPhone 7/8, Space Black” product_price=”14.99″ product_category=”Wireless” product_retailer=”TORRAS” content_rating=”” /]

When it comes to mobile-device accessories, it’s difficult to beat Amazon on sheer variety alone. Want a case for your iPhone? You’ve got more than 50,000 choices right out of the gate. Want one for under $15? You can choose from tens of thousands. But the one Amazon recommends is this Torras ultra-slim-fit case, which you can have for $12.99. Don’t miss these 15 cell phone accessories guaranteed to make your life easier.

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otterbox defender phone casevia

Otterbox Defender Series iPhone case

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Want a higher-end iPhone case? How about the Otterbox Defender Series, which comes highly rated and can withstand some serious abuse. The MSRP is $49.99, but you can get it on Amazon for $36.17.

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spigen galaxy z phone casevia

Spigen Thin Fit for the Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Fans of the Galaxy Fold also have plenty of options for phone cases on Amazon. For example, this Spigen Thin Fit is available for $29.99 on Amazon, despite an MSRP of $49.99. Find out why the Galaxy Fold is among the 15 coolest tech products you can buy this year.

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apple ipad minivia

Apple iPad Mini

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Did you know your iPad can do these 14 incredible things? The Apple iPad Mini is a great way to harness the power of a tablet without what can sometimes feel like the unwieldy size of a regular iPad. If you buy it on Amazon, you can also harness that power without paying full price. In fact, you can get it for $349.99, which is $49 off the MSRP.

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acer chromebook with sleevevia

Acer Chromebook

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Looking for a low-priced laptop to access the Internet? Then please go ahead and help yourself to this Acer Chromebook 315, which boasts a 15.6-inch screen and comes with a protective sleeve. If you buy it on Amazon, you’ll pay $264.50, which is 20 percent off the list price. Here are more tech tools kids can’t learn without this year.

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tozo wireless earbudsvia

TOZO T6 wireless earbuds

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If you still haven’t gotten yourself a pair of wireless earbuds, what’s holding you up? Is it the price? After all, Apple’s wireless Airpods cost around $160 per pair. Non-Apple brand names that you can trust are cheaper, of course. For example, Soul by Ludacris has a pair for $79.99. But maybe that’s still a bit pricey for technology you’re not sure about. Welcome to one of Amazon’s greatest strengths: It carries inexpensive versions of many expensive name-brand products, and you can feel confident choosing one if you make sure to check all the boxes on what you’re looking for—wireless, waterproof, built-in mic, etc.—and find one that’s very well-reviewed by a lot of customers.

These TOZOs, which have all those attributes, cost $31.99 (with the 20 percent coupon offered) and earned an average of four and half out of five stars from more than 40,000 reviewers. Plus, there are more than 1,000 questions from prospective purchasers answered by actual purchasers that you can scroll through.

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apple watch series 3via

Apple Watch

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For those who love to be connected…all…the…time, there’s no better solution than an Apple Watch. Since Apple’s iPhones are rarely discounted (except as part of a two-year wireless plan), it comes as a big surprise to discover that Amazon offers significant discounts on some Apple Watches. For example, this Series 3—which links to your iPhone and is swim-proof, has GPS, retina display, and an optical heart monitor—has an MSRP starting at $199, but you can purchase it on Amazon and have it tomorrow for $169. Check out these 15 hidden Apple Watch hacks you didn’t know about.

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watch band for apple watchvia

Apple Watchbands

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Sure, your Apple Watch comes with a nice band, but maybe you like a bit of variety. If you go to the Apple website, you can get yourself a Milanese Loop (stainless steel mesh) for $99. But why would you do that when Amazon offers the exact same watchband by Apple for $79.99? Or better yet, buy virtually the same watchband for $12.99. No, it isn’t Apple-branded, but no one has to know—and no one will be able to tell.

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Pan setVia

Cuisinart cookware

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Amazon often has astounding deals on kitchen items, such as this Cuisinart 11-piece cookware set. It includes four covered saucepans, two skillets (8-inch and 10-inch), and a pasta insert that fits the largest saucepan. The MSRP is a hefty $520, but you can get it from Amazon for just $199. You also won’t want to miss these Amazon products with lifetime warranties.

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instant potvia

Instant Pot

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Here’s how to tell if you could use an Instant Pot in your kitchen. Do you:

  • like to cook things shockingly quickly with incredible accuracy?
  • like to toss stew ingredients in a slow cooker and have dinner ready when you are?
  • wish there were a better way to cook rice besides boiling it?
  • like the idea of having an instant sterilizer at your fingertips?
  • love to steam veggies until they’re perfectly al dente?
  • ever feel like making your own yogurt?

If you answered yes to even one of those, you could use an Instant Pot. If you answered yes to more than one, you’ve gotta ask yourself what’s been stopping you from getting the one kitchen appliance that can do all these things. This six-quart Instant Pot typically sells for around $99. This one can be purchased on Amazon for $79. Before you check out, don’t forget to grab these 10 must-have Instant pot accessories.

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red kitchenaid stand mixervia

KitchenAid stand mixer

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KitchenAid stand mixers don’t come cheap, but they’re worth every penny, according to their devotees, and look at all these things you never realized you could use one to make. Take, for example, this model—a bright red “Queen of Hearts” limited edition with 10 speeds and 14 different attachments. It has a list price of $399.99, but you can buy it on Amazon for $279.99. That’s $120 off its normal price!

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rada 7 piece knife setvia

Rada 7-piece starter knife set

Shop Now

Since 1948, every knife made by Rada has been made in Waverly, Iowa, which is why Rada knives made our list of 100 amazing things made in the U.S.A. This set includes a paring knife, vegetable peeler, tomato slicer, super parer, six-inch bread knife, cook’s knife, and slicer knife, and it’s well-priced no matter where you get it, with an MSRP of $65.50. But if you buy it on Amazon, you’ll pay 33 percent less, for a grand total of $43.90.

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xerox laser printervia

Xerox Monochrome laser printer

Shop Now

If social distancing has inspired you to write the next great American novel, or if you just tend to print a high volume of pages, you should consider a laser printer. They’re super fast and built to last, and they don’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you go printer-shopping on Amazon. Take a look at this laser printer by Xerox, which lists for $200 but can be purchased on Amazon for $149.99.

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printer papervia

Printer paper

Shop Now

It appears that paper, which has steadily been losing its allure in the age of remote this and virtual that, is actually coming down in price. And while these 40 facts will make you want to use even less paper, the bottom line is that sometimes you really do need it. When last we checked, Staples, which has always offered a great deal on printer paper, was selling it for 10 bucks per 500 sheets. The price is now down to $8.05 per 500. Think Amazon can’t beat that? Guess again. Amazon is offering 4,000 sheets for just $28.78. In other words, if you want to buy the same quantity from Staples, you’ll have to pony up $64.

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doc martens bootsvia

Doc Martens men’s boots

Shop Now

Some people absolutely adore the clunky look of a Dr. Martens motorcycle boot. And those who do tend to be pleasantly surprised that Docs are incredibly comfortable, well-made, and last and last and last. For those who don’t want the clunky look or a motorcycle boot for that matter, did you know Doc Martens makes these 100 percent leather, super comfy boots for everyday wear? They’d pass for business casual if that still applies to you. Don’t miss these 51 fashion secrets personal stylists won’t tell you for free.

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Levi’s high-rise skinny jeans

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A mere $41.70 can get you a pair of these of-the-moment high-rise skinny jeans by Levi’s. Slim through the hip and waist, they’re nevertheless super stretchy and almost impossibly comfortable (except it’s not impossible since these babies are made of 60 percent cotton, 22 percent viscose, 16 percent polyester, and 2 percent elastane, although they could pass for pure cotton in terms of look and feel). Do you know what the MSRP is? $69.50. Ever wonder why denim is blue? We found out!

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columbia hooded jacketvia

Columbia hooded jacket

Shop Now

Columbia makes fantastic performance wear, and many cold-weather sports enthusiasts swear by this brand. But some of us just like the way its outerwear makes us look. And for some of us, that right there is the perfect synergy for staying fit throughout the cold winter months. Just take, for example, this not-too-puffy hooded puffer featuring 100 percent responsibly sourced down feathers. Depending on the size you wear, you can get it for as little as $98.20, which is $66.80 off the MSRP. Next, check out another 30 brilliant buys on Amazon with practically perfect reviews.

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