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6 Things You Shouldn’t Do at Reopened Malls

Keep yourself safe and healthy during your next shopping trip.

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ignoring a couple of etiquette rules to keep yourself safe

Shopping at the time of corona virusPhynart Studio/Getty Images

As things start to slowly go back to normal, a lot of places have slowly started reopening—and that includes shopping malls. While most shopping malls have were abandoned for the last few months, soon they will be full of customers again. However, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping yourself safe on your next shopping trip—here’s what you need to know.

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Not wear a mask

The first thing you need to remember at reopened malls is to always wear a mask. “Do not forget your face mask, since this will serve as your primary buffer from the virus by covering your mouth and nose, which are one of the main portals for the virus to enter your body,” says Willie Greer, founder of The Product Analyst.

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Make physical contact with people

If you’re a friendly person, you might have to tone that down a little bit. “Avoid physical contact with any individual inside the mall, even just a handshake, since you can never know if the person you are going to touch, or who is going to touch, came into contact with the virus recently,” says Greer.

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Spend a long time in the stores

You’re going to want to keep an eye on the clock on your next shopping trip. According to Greer, you should avoid staying in an enclosed space for too long, especially if that space is frequently used by other people. Make sure to keep an eye out for these warning signs that a store is not protecting against coronavirus.

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Put your purchases away right away

“Do not forget to disinfect the majority of your purchases, aside from edibles, as the packaging of the products may have been contaminated by other shoppers, or the mall staff,” says Greer. “Always remember that no matter who you are, your health will always be your most prized treasure.”

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Touch too many things

“When you are in stores, avoid cash and contact with too many packages. Many stores now prefer electronic payments instead of cash which makes it easy,” says Dr. Esteban Kosak. Make sure to wash your hands after touching these items too.

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Go in at all hours

Spontaneous mall trips might be a thing of the past a while longer. According to Alessandra Kessler, founder at Healthy Body Healthy, malls are least crowded in early morning hours. “Late-night hours at malls are very busy and crowded, so people should avoid going there,” says Kessler. Next, check out what you shouldn’t do at reopened restaurants.

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