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7 Things You Won’t See in Walmart Anymore

Shopping is about to be very different.

Walmart Quarterly Revenue Surges 8.6 Percent During COVID-19 PandemicScott Olson/Getty Images

There have been many changes over the past couple of months due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and it looks as if the changes aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Grocery and pharmacy chains across the country have been implementing new safety measures as they begin to reopen, while COVID-19 is still infecting a large number of people. Walmart is one of the many industry chains that have announced upcoming changes to ensure the safety of its employees and customers as best as they can, making the future of shopping a whole new experience. Also make sure to brush up on your knowledge of the rules for shopping at Walmart, Target, and other popular stores while we are still sheltering in place.

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Despite shelter-in-place orders, Walmart has still been seeing a ton of foot traffic. Under the new rules, the store will only allow up to five customers per 1,000 square feet of space,according to Business Insider. This means that stores will be at about 20 percent capacity at any given time.

Black Friday Starts Early As Shoppers Hit The Stores On Thanksgiving NightSarah Silbiger/Getty Images

24-hour stores

No more late-night trips for Advil and chips. All stores will close at 8:30 p.m. to ensure proper cleaning is done each night. The store will be disinfected completely overnight to be ready for the following day. See how else to avoid germs while grocery shopping.

Walmart department store aisle.Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images

Two-way aisles

Walmart is testing out one-way aisles to prevent shoppers from getting too close to one another, according to Slickdeals. This could help avoid accidental human contact in passing or the spread of any bacteria through the air through a sneeze or cough.

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Employees without masks

Walmart will require all associates to wear masks or other face coverings at work. This includes stores, clubs, and corporate offices.

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Employees with the sniffles

All Walmart employees will have their temperature taken before entering work each day. Any employee with a temperature of 100 degrees or more will be sent home and not allowed to return to work until they have been fever-free for three days.

Walmart department store checkout line.Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images

Registers without sneeze guards

Plexiglass partitions will be put up in all stores to limit contact between customers and cashiers. These plastic barriers are already in place at some of the pharmacy lanes of Walmart, will be extended to all stores across the country. Don’t miss these other ways shopping will change after lockdown.


Dirty shopping carts

Walmart has promised to do a full cleaning and sanitization of the shopping carts after use in order to prevent the passing of infections.

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