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8 Times Working from Home With Kids Has Gone Hilariously Wrong

These recent posts on social media highlight the experience of parents everywhere working from home with their children.

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When your co-workers are kindergartners

Have you seen the new guy in the office? He picks his nose and eats it, cries if he doesn’t get to go first, laughs when he burps, and is constantly asking you to wipe his butt. This isn’t the twilight zone it’s the new normal for parents working from home alongside their children during the Coronavirus outbreak.

A few years back the world howled at the viral video of the ultimate work from home mishap by Professor Robert Kelly. He was reporting live from his home for the BBC when his young children pranced into the room behind him followed by his wife dragging them out. We all laughed and shared the video millions of times with comments of, “Could you ever imagine?” Now, unfortunately, yes in these times working parents everywhere now can completely imagine. Hey, if we don’t laugh we’ll cry.

While we don’t have any tips or suggestions on how to get your work done while shooing the kids off the antique table or from smashing slime in their sister’s hair, we do however have some posts making us all laugh across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter encouraging parents everywhere to hang in there because you are not alone.

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Teach your kid to love their body—just not at work

Celebrity mom Kristina Kuzmic is taking advice from her own book, Hold On, But Hold Still telling readers that when life throws unexpected hurdles your way just try to make the best of it, even when your 5-year-old shouts about his penis while you are on a work call. Kristina shared this recent interaction with her son on Instagram to her 456K followers. These 13 funny photos of dogs working from home are sure to give you a laugh.

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Haunt you in your sleep

This cutie Spider-Man could put his spooky Superhuman powers to better use if he propelled off the dining room table and started unloading the dishwasher. We’re wondering how Krista Myers Duzan gets any work done after seeing her Facebook post.

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Fake it til you make it

We’re certain a parenting book somewhere wrote, “Strangling amongst siblings is regarded as a sign of affection.”… and remember in twenty years they’ll grow up and be best friends. Hang in there @LurkAtHomeMom!

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Let’s play the “co-worker game!”

You too can join in this simple but funny game seen on social media in the last few weeks, along with @RHAVote, who shared this gem via twitter. Imagine your co-worker saying and doing things your kids are doing at home. Then post it on your social media but replace the word “my daughter” with “my co-worker.”

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Co-worker game cont’d

We’re guessing @redemithtwits who had us cracking up on twitter isn’t talking about a cat. Looks like its time to get a bubble suit and a new job, Karen.

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Co-worker game part 3

If only we could call the HR department on our kids, all our homes would run much smoother, right @morefromalan? Try to follow these 13 golden rules for working from home, whenever you can.

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Prioritizing work and home

Keeping your work priorities straight while the house in check is a real struggle, as this tweet from @RodLacroix proves. That’s why you should always keep kittens and cookies, boxes and boxes of cookies on hand to distract the little ones when you have a call. Like this tweet, all parents can all relate to these 11 work from home cartoons.

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Keep it classy

Zoom has emerged as one of the tops ways to communicating with co-workers, teachers, and family as @WBjenna shared in a tweet. Zoom is a web-based video-conferencing platform and as you can imagine the perfect way to embarrass the parents. On the upside, family time is one of the 12 wonderful things that will never be canceled.

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