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6 Time-Wasting Internet Tips

1. lets you make drip art with your cursor.

1. lets you make drip art with your cursor.

2. Find artful, calming, even transformative videos-the kind you’d see in theaters that sell carrot cake instead of Mike and Ikes-on It’s the foreign-film equivalent of YouTube.

3. People who don’t know how to use quotation marks use them with abandon, and the signs they create are hilariously cataloged, then mercilessly mocked at

4. Follow your money across the country. Type in the serial number of a bill at and watch it travel through what’s left of the U.S. monetary system.

5. See all 44 U.S. presidents morph from George Washington to Barack Obama in under four minutes-to Ravel’s Boléro. Go to and search for “presidents morph.”

6. Balls drop and ping across the computer screen. You control where they go with barriers that you draw with your cursor. Download free at

Originally Published in Reader's Digest