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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

15 Ridiculous Tips from Old Etiquette Books

Thankfully, it's now socially acceptable to bring your umbrella into the parlor.

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When discussing food

Here are 13 more etiquette rules to use when dining at a restaurant.

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When talking about what you did last night

Do consider these 50 little etiquette tips you should always try to follow.

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When chatting with friends

Check out these 14 etiquette rules the British royal family always follows.

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When referring to your spouse

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When you are indoors

No comment on your overcoat, but you should still always follow these etiquette rules when you’re a guest in someone’s home.

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When partaking in a conversation

Check out these British etiquette rules every American should follow.

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When surprised

We won’t stop you from saying “oh cracky,” but these 46 Victorian era etiquette rules actually should make a comeback.

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When traveling by train

To be fair, your fellow passengers would probably still appreciate this tip—especially if you’re ignoring these cell phone etiquette rules everyone should follow.

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When at the table

Here are other rude and annoying dining habits to avoid.

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When eyeing someone

Don’t miss these secrets etiquette class teachers won’t tell you for free.

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When talking about your clothes

While you can safely ignore the “pantaloons” rule, you should still follow these rude table etiquette mistakes even polite people make.

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When talking about your colleague

Depending on your relationship, that could still be sound advice. Memorize these other business etiquette rules that will boost your career.

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When answering a question or comment

Do consider these magic phrases that can save an awkward conversation.

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When you’re worried that you’re nagging your husband too much

While we wouldn’t recommend asking your kid if you nag too much, we do recommend reading these 17 forgotten manners every parent should teach their kids.

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When in company

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