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Tom Clancy’s Fighting Words: 11 Choice Quotes

Tom Clancy wrote books that were “my kind of yarn(s),” according to President Ronald Reagan. Seventeen of Clancy’s intricate espionage thrillers became best-sellers; some, including "The Hunt for Red October," were blockbuster films. Here, choice slices of Clancy's blunt point-of-view.

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“Fiction has to make sense.”

Tom Clancy

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“The good old days are now.”

Tom Clancy

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“Success will ruin your life.”

Tom Clancy

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“Information… is power.”

Tom Clancy

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“Sometimes you have to put it on the line.”

Tom Clancy

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“The human condition is better than it’s ever been…”

Tom Clancy

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“… because the dream is within you.”

Tom Clancy

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“The U.S. Military is us.”

Tom Clancy

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“And they were the right lessons.”

Tom Clancy

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“Our technology was better than theirs.”

Tom Clancy

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“…as it is about finding things out.”

Tom Clancy

Originally Published in Reader's Digest