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TV Chefs’ Favorite Holiday Recipes

Claire Robinson’s Cornbread Dressing‘When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s all about the dressing. That’s why I had to make sure

Claire Robinson’s Cornbread Dressing
‘When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s all about the dressing. That’s why I had to make sure that my five-ingredient version was as spectacular as the dressings that traditionally fill my plate every year. The challenge re-creating my favorite flavors in the Cornbread Dressing was difficult but fun! I was able to bring all the tastes I love in this delicious classic together using only five ingredients and without sacrificing the flavor. The time I save shopping and prepping saves more time for eating!’

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Marcela Valladolid’s Game Hens in Apricot, Tequila, and California Chile Sauce
‘It’s one of my favorite recipes because it was developed for our holiday table by my grandfather, Eugenio Rodriguez, over 40 years ago. He would travel to Europe and bring back books by Careme and Escoffier and cook with local ingredients, like chiles, way before ‘fusion’ cooking was in. It’s a very refined Mexican dish with an incredible combination of sweet, spicy and savory flavors and textures. Now it’s one of the most representative dishes of my style of cooking.’

Pictured above with her son

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Sandra Lee’s Mini Apple Pies
‘Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and thoughtful, but you can still pull off a gracious gathering with minimal fuss. My Mini Apple Pies are a money-saving dessert that is quick, easy, inexpensive and most of all delicious! One of my happiest Thanksgiving memories is baking with my Grandma Lorraine and my recipe for mini apple pies was adapted with semi-homemakers in mind.

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Melissa d’Arabian’s Potato-Bacon Torte
‘This potato torte has become a staple at our annual Mother-Daughter Holiday Tea. It is easy to make ahead (you can even freeze it whole, already baked), and it can be served warm or room temperature. I always make a few … at least one without the bacon — I like to have some hearty meatless dishes at my parties for any vegetarian guests. The homemade crust is so flaky and tasty, and the potato gratin inside is perfect winter party fare. (And, a whole torte costs just a few dollars to make!)’

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Anne Burrell’s Braised Short Ribs
‘Its one of my favorite winter dishes, specifically for the holidays, because you can get it started, toss it in the oven and in a few hours, you have a spectacularly delicious meal that makes your entire house smell wonderful and inviting. Shortribs aren’t hard to make. You can even start them the day before (and as far as cuts of meat go, they are a great bang for your buck).

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Spike Mendelsohn’s Auntie Yolande’s Strawberry Roll
‘It’s my favorite because not only is there nothing better than fresh sweet strawberries but they are rolled into a cake and covered in whipped cream! My Aunt Yolande from Montreal made this one year over Christmas as it looks like a red and white log, and I loved it. I was a kid at the time, about 7, so I whined to my mom until she learned to make it and requested it for every holiday. How could a mom say no to her good Greek son? So every holiday, even to this day, I get Auntie Yolande’s strawberry roll.’

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Daisy Martinez’s Arroz con Gandules
‘When I was a little girl, and before I could read a calendar, I knew precisely how close it was to Christmas by when my Mami and Papi got us together to make pasteles. It was a family affair with everyone from my Abuela and Mami, preparing the pork filling and the stock to flavor the vianda masa, Papi peeling the root vegetables, green bananas, and calabaza, and all the kids working the viandas on box graters — I can tell you that you become adept very quickly, at the expense of a few scraped knuckles! Once all the viandas were grated and the masa was seasoned, Mami would wrap the pasteles in banana leaf and parchment, and Papi would tie the pasteles in packets of two, called ‘lluntas’, until they were stacked high. It was an all-day affair! Mami would freeze all of the pasteles with the exception of the ones we would be eating for Christmas Eve dinner, and once I smelled the fragrance of simmering pasteles, and the aroma of a steamy pot of Arroz con Guandules, I knew Santa Clause and his eight tiny reindeer were not far from my home!’

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest