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15 Under $1 School Supplies You Can Buy at Target

If back-to-school shopping has you stressed about overspending, don't worry—we found your favorite school supplies under $1 at Target.


Stock up on pencils

You can find packs of eight #2 Up&Up Wood Pencils for less than a dollar at Target right now. By the way—there’s a reason why number two pencils are the only kind schools ask for.

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Don’t forget a sharpener

Load your cart up with colorful pencil sharpeners marked at just 49¢ each, because two-for-less-than-a-dollar is an absolute steal. Plus, Up&Up brand is one of the things you should definitely be buying at Target, and can find only there.

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Pocket folders are 50¢ each

Feel good about adding blue, yellow, green, red, orange, black, purple, and pink folders to your cart in multiples, because they’re only 50¢ each right now. Better yet, you can buy them online and pick them up in-store today without having to fight anyone over the last school-mandated green folder.

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Stick to Target for glue

Chances are, you’ll almost definitely have to buy glue and glue sticks. Packs of two Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks Disappearing Purple are currently marked down to 55¢. You’ll also find standard 4-ounce bottles of Elmer’s white glue marked down to the same price.

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Washable markers are cheaper than ever

Load their little backpacks up with packs of 10 Washable Markers for 65¢ each this year, and buy a few extra packs to replace the inevitable favorite lost or dried out colors along the way.

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Crayola Crayons are 50¢ per pack

Scoop up as many 24-Count Crayola Crayons packs as you can while they’re 50¢ each at Target because they make for fun after-school activities and the ideal healthy way to cut down on screen time for little ones. They’re great for adult coloring books too.

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You’ll write home about these savings

Back to school season or not, 10-count packs of BIC Xtra Life Ballpoint Pens with black ink are 99¢ each right now. Middle school-age students and older will have them on their list, but you’ll probably want a few extra packs to see if you can pass our high school grammar test.

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Missing this deal would be a mistake

More mature students and adults alike can all recall at least a few times Wite-Out saved the day, which is reason enough to take advantage of Bic Wite-Out Correction Fluid currently selling for less than $1 at Target.

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Stay organized

You’ll keep tabs (literally) on every subject with more clarity this school year because Up&Up Letter Index Dividers are well under $1 at Target right now. Score brightly-hued 5-count packs for 69¢ each. Check out these other back-to-school sales for more ways to save.

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Plan ahead

Pop a few extra travel-size Band-Aid packs in backpacks, gym bags, and locker for unforeseen paper cuts, nicks, and scrapes, and all the other little ouchies active students tend to encounter. They’re currently 99¢ for a pack of eight.

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These are less than 1¢ each

Actually, when you do the math you were taught how to do, this 99¢ pack of 544 hole reinforcements for loose-leaf paper works out to 0.18¢ per sticky helper. Improving your mind with that math equation is a free bonus.

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Easy to measure these savings

Speaking of math, you’ll want to buy a few extra 12-inch rulers while they’re just a quarter a piece at Target. You won’t be upset if a kid loses, breaks, or damages one that cost you less than ten minutes of parking meter time.

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Index cards are good for all grades

Stock up on 3 x 5-inch index cards at Target because 100-count packs are currently discounted at 49¢ each. That means each very necessary DIY homework flashcard you make will cost less than a penny—unlike these back-to-school supplies that are a waste of money. You’ll use them to teach and learn basics, map out more complicated concepts, and administer effective study group sessions.

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A rainbow of affordable erasers

We’re not kidding when we say this deal on pencil cap erasers is too good to miss. You can find 25-count packs going for 50¢ right now at Target, which means you can easily lend your 2 cents to the group project in the form of a colorful eraser when something needs fixing.

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Travel-size tissue packs for 99¢

A pack of four travel-size tissue packs will set you back less than a dollar at Target right now, which means you’ll have one for her backpack, gym bag, purse, and the car’s glove box. Each pack includes 10 ultra-soft three-ply tissues perfect for all types of runny noses—though if you follow our back-to-school health checklist, you may never need them.

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