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7 Unique Bird Houses You Wish You Could Move Into

With their unusual designs and attention to detail, these show-stopping homes are true works of art.

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London Fieldworks

Mussolini Birdhouse

London, England: Artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson designed this creative birdhouse, which measures 10 1/2 feet in height and is made entirely of spruce ply.

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Daici Ano for Nendo

Japanese Apartment

Komoro City, Japan: Not only can birds can choose from one of 78 openings, but bird-watching humans can climb into this birdhouse too, making it easy to spy on the sparrow inhabitants without interrupting them.

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Thomas Dambo Winther

Trash Tree

Copenhagen, Denmark: The artist Dambo constructed individual urban birdhouses from recycled materials to house lonely birds living in the city, with a hope to bring attention both to street art activism and to the absence of nature in these environments.

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Heiner Orth

Baya Birdhouse

Hamburg, Germany: Designed to mimic the nests of South and Southeast Asian Baya Weaverbirds, these birdhouses also hang from tree limbs and are skillfully woven.

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J Schatz

Nut House

Greene, New York: Each “Nut House” is handmade by designer Jim Schatz, and features a hidden ladder inside to help baby birds easily leave the nest. The birdhouses are made specifically for bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches, and titmice.

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Lili Engelhardt

Wood-Turned Birdhouse

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Bob Shuping’s eye for design along with his year-long air-drying process results in these beautiful wood-turned birdhouses, which can be custom-built. This birdhouse tends to attract wrens, chickadees, and bluebirds.

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Amadeus Leitner

Modern Ralph Birdhouse

Sacramento, California: Inspired by the modern home designer Ralph Rapson, these sleek birdhouses feature sandblasted aluminum plates and harvest teak finished with natural linseed oil, which protects it from rain, mildew, and UV rays.

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Birdhouses of the World

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