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8 Gorgeous Eyeliner Looks That Go Beyond Basic Black

When you get tired of black wings or a natural-looking smudge, make your eyes pop with these looks.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-teni-panosianCourtesy teni panosian

Heavy metal

Jazz up your wink with a thick metallic eyeliner. Get your hands on a shimmery pencil, or mix loose shimmer with setting spray to create your own eyeliner. Find out how to get the look from Miss Maven and find her on Instagram as @tenipanosian. Want to shave off a couple years of your finishing look? Who wouldn’t! Check out makeup artists’ tricks to looking younger.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-keiko-groves-rainbowCourtesy keiko groves

Rainbow eyes

Rainbow eyeliner doesn’t have to look like you spilled crayons on your face. Keep multiple jewel tones street-appropriate by adding a plain black wing to bring it back down to earth. Find out more about this look from Keiko Lynn.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-sharon-farrellCourtesy Sharon Farrell

Seeing red

Red eyeliner sounds like an unfortunate way to look like the walking dead, but it can turn out wearable and classy if you do it right. A metallic sheen softens it up, and keeping it just on the tops will keep your eyes from looking bloodshot. Visit Sharon the Makeup Artist for the tutorial, and find out more makeup tricks for looking more awake.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-keiko-groves-glowCourtesy keiko groves

All-around glow

Make your eyes glowing by lining them with a light, shimmery eyeliner. Adding an inner layer of black adds definition to make the sparkle pop even more. Visit Keiko Lynn to find out more, and don’t miss these makeup tricks that make eyes look bigger.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-beauty-guru-camille-johnsonCourtesy beauty guru, camille johnson

Neon brights

Layer your eyeliner colors for eye makeup that makes a big impact. Don’t be afraid to try out big pops of color like neon yellow. Adding a black line underneath grounds the look while adding emphasis. Visit Offbeat Look for the instructions.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-teni-panosian-2Courtesy teni panosian

Take two

A simple cat eye is a safe look, but adding a second wing makes it edgy. Connect another flick above your first, or take it up a notch by lining your crease, like in the look pictured here. Head over to Miss Maven (@tenipanosian) to find the tutorial.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-keiko-groves-disconnectCourtesy Keiko Groves

Feeling some disconnect

It might be called “liner,” but that doesn’t mean it’s limited to just around your lash lines. Drag your liner through your crease to add major definition to your eyes. Learn more from Keiko Lynn.

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gorgeous-eyeliner-looks-beyond-basic-black-daniela-loredoCourtesy Daniela Loredo

Mix and match

Going to a sports event? Show some spirit by lining each eye with your team’s colors. Get the look by turning eyeshadow you already own into eyeliner. Learn how from Daniela Lrd.

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