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9 of the Most Unusual Surfing Locations in the World

In photographer Chris Burkard's book Distant Shores, he captures the rarest surf spots around the world in spectacular pictures, from Iceland to Russia.

Chris Burkard Photography


“Vacant coastlines and frozen peaks stretch as far as the eye can see in Iceland. The landscape is a dramatic backdrop to an empty lineup.”  Surfer: Eric Soderquist.

Chris Burkard Photography


“Once again the northern lights put on a spectacular show in Norway.”

Chris Burkard Photography


“The waves come rolling in during a beautiful day on the Chilean coast.”

Chris Burkard Photography


“Keith and Chris Malloy get lost in the wilderness of Alaska and enjoy some waves to themselves.”

Chris Burkard Photography


“Keith Malloy is constantly testing new boards and experiences in the water. Here he speeds down the line on his alaia in Nicaragua.”

Chris Burkard Photography


“A surf crew witnesses a unique sunset in Russia from the top of their truck. Clouds above the distant volcanoes light up the sky.”

Chris Burkard Photography


“Ben Bourgeois on one of many perfect blue barrels deep in the Caribbean.”

Chris Burkard Photography

New Zealand

“A moment of tranquility at an old abandoned pier in New Zealand.”

Chris Burkard Photography


“Working with locals in Japan, Dan Malloy deeply focuses on the artwork in front of him.”

Chris Burkard Photography

Distant Shores

To see more captivating photos from Chris’ travels, pick up Distant Shores.

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