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15 Best Places to Find Cheap Books Online

Books for under a buck? Yes, please! These sites that sell cheap books are calling your name.

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Websites with read-iculously cheap books

There’s nothing like opening a highly anticipated book and getting lost in another world for a bit. Reading is a great habit to have, but book lovers may feel those enticing pages pinch their wallets—especially nowadays, when inflation is making things more expensive and causing bookworms to dip into their book budgets for everyday needs. There are ways to expand your library without going broke, though—like reading some Kindle Unlimited books (if you have a subscription) and scouring the web for cheap books.

You can get some of the best fiction books, nonfiction books and self-help books for a fraction of the price by shopping for used books online. You often find the best books for less simply because someone previously turned their pages.

Not a bad deal, right? If you’re sold, here are some of the best places to find second-hand books online—so you can organize your bookshelf with new reads without depleting your savings.

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Best Places To Find Cheap Books Online Thriftbooks
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Price range: $3.59 and up

Book genres: Biographies, memoirs, children’s books, nonfiction, young adult and more

One of the best places to find cheap books online is ThriftBooks. The site has more than 13 million titles to browse, including the classics and newer titles. And did we mention the books are super affordable? We found a copy of the classic children’s book Goodnight Moon in “very good” condition for only $4.69. We also found a copy of The Hill We Climb, the presidential inaugural poem by Amanda Gorman, in very good condition for $4.69. Get ready to stock your library—and save a couple of bucks in the process.

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Best Places To Find Cheap Books Online Abebooks
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Price range: $1 and up

Book genres: Fiction, romance, poetry, historical fiction, nonfiction and more

AbeBooks has a large variety of second-hand books in numerous genres to choose from. Search the website for cheap books based on the author, title or a keyword associated with the story. It even has categories for popular authors, such as Stephen King and Toni Morrison, ready to browse. As of this writing, you can get a used copy of Morrison’s powerful novel Beloved for $4.49. AbeBooks has more than just books too—you can also find art, comics, vintage photographs, sheet music and maps for sale.

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Goodwill online used book store
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Goodwill Books

Price range: $6.75 and up

Book genres: Audiobooks, classic literature, young adult, nonfiction and more

You’ve likely seen second-hand books at Goodwill stores, but you may not know that Goodwill has an entire website dedicated to selling used books online. There’s a large selection of books in different categories, ranging from fiction to nonfiction. For instance, you could get a book about the history of humankind for $8.50, and then add a used copy of Pride and Prejudice to your cart for just $7. Goodwill Books also has more than just books—users can snag the best movies, games, music and cookbooks for less. Browse for yourself and see what treasures await!

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Powell's used online books
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Powell’s Books

Price range: $4.50 and up

Book genres: Fiction such as thrillers, poetry, young adult, non-English language books and more

Another great website for cheap books is Powell’s Books, an independent bookstore located in Portland, Oregon. The used-book section of its site offers a wide selection of books within several genres, so every bookworm is bound to find something to love. You can get a copy of the Pulitzer Prize–winning All the Light We Cannot See for just $12.95, or if you’re in need of a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, you can get one for $7.95.

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Alibris online used book store
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Price range: 99 cents and up

Book genres: Sci-fi, romance, sports, travel and more

Make sure you bookmark this site for future book browsing. On Alibris, you can find books on just about anything. It has categories dedicated to textbooks, fiction books, children’s books, craft and hobby books and even e-books.  It even has a section dedicated to 99-cent books. Yep, you read that right: You can get second-hand books on this site for less than a buck. Take a look for yourself, then browse these places where you can read free books online.

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Best Places To Find Cheap Books Online Book Finder
Getty Images, via bookfinder.com


Price range: Depends on which sites are compared

Book genres: Textbooks, rare books, classics and more

BookFinder has a plethora of books to browse. There are more than just second-hand books available too—you can look for rare books, textbooks and even out-of-print books. The best part? It lists where you can find the book you’re looking for online and compares prices from different websites. You can also choose whether you want to shop for new or used books online. It takes the hassle out of having to click back and forth between tabs to compare prices, which can save you time as well as money.

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Best Places To Find Cheap Books Online Half Price Books
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Half Price Books

Price range: $1.99 and up

Book genres: Mystery, fairy tales, cooking, memoirs and more

Half Price Books is another great website to check out if you want to get books for a bargain. There are plenty of titles and genres to choose from, including history, self-help and children’s fiction. You can also browse music, movies, television series and textbooks. It has puzzles too! Another cool thing about Half Price Books is the “Super Buy” categories, where you can look at books under $10, under $5 and even under $2. Your library (and wallet) will thank you later.

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Best Places To Find Cheap Books Online Better World Books
Getty Images, via betterworldbooks.com

Better World Books

Price range: $4.24 and up

Book genres: Funny books, science books, romance novels, mystery tales and more

This is a website you’ll want to share with the book lovers in your life. Better World Books has a ton of titles across categories, as well as audiobooks and DVDs to browse. One section to check out is the bargain bin—it lists great books at even better prices (and some even ship for free!).

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Best Places To Find Cheap Books Online Book Outlet
Getty Images, via bookoutlet.com

Book Outlet

Price range: 99 cents and up

Book genres: Art, biographies, poetry, children’s fiction, true crime and more

Book lovers, fair warning: You could spend hours browsing this website for cheap books. Book Outlet has so many great books that are affordable, and if you want to stick to a specific budget, you can shop for books under $20, under $15, under $10 and even under $5. The site doesn’t just have books, either—you can browse puzzles, toys and other fun gifts.

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Best Places To Find Cheap Books Online Second Sale
Getty Images, via secondsale.com

Second Sale

Price range: $2.99 and up

Book genres: Fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels and more

As far as used bookstores online go, Second Sale is another great option. It has plenty of fiction and nonfiction books to browse, including an impressive collection of niche topics. For instance, there are informational books on architecture, computers, law and gardening, among other areas of interest. If you want to learn something new, snag a book from this website and get to reading. You can also sell your second-hand books to Second Sale for some extra cash.

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Book mooch online used book resource
Getty Images, via bookmooch.com


Price range: N/A

Book genres: Horror novels, classic literature, young adult books and more

BookMooch is great for book lovers who aren’t looking for specific titles and who are less interested in buying used books than they are in making a trade. See, this website allows you to swap your books with others around the globe and get your hands on something you’ve never read before (and earn points in the process). With around 74,000 members in 90 different countries, you’re bound to find an interesting novel or two.

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Biblio used book website
Getty Images, via biblio.com


Price range: $1 and up

Book genres: Fiction, including thrillers and dystopian books, rare books and more

If you’re on the hunt for rare books and first editions, Biblio is the website for you. You can search for books by their author, title, keyword or ISBN. You can even select whether you want a book to be a first edition or signed by the author. With more than 100 million rare, out-of-print and second-hand books available, you’re bound to find your next bookshelf addition. Browse now and see what cheap books you can find!

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Barnes and Noble Book Annex online
Getty Images, via barnesandnoble.com

Barnes & Noble

Price range: $1.49 and up

Book genres: Graphic novels, history, funny books and more

Barnes & Noble is known for having a great selection of books, but did you know they also sell discounted reads? Check out the site’s Book Annex, which offers a variety of titles across genres, from children’s lit to poetry. The site even has sections dedicated to books under $10 and under $5, so you can buy those page-turners even if you’re on a tight budget. Search your favorite authors (we found some Stephen King books on the site, FYI) and get to shopping!

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Amazon used book for sale online
Getty Images, via amazon.com


Price range: $2.99 and up

Book genres: Mystery, memoirs, nonfiction and more

What doesn’t Amazon sell these days? If you’re looking for cheap books, Amazon has your back. You can search for your favorite titles and save some money by shopping used instead of new. We won’t judge if you end up with a few (or five) second-hand books in your cart.

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Ebay used books for sale
Getty Images, via ebay.com


Price range: One cent and up

Book genres: Fiction, nonfiction, fantasy and more

No bidding required here! EBay allows you to buy used books at affordable prices right away. You can even search for books under $5—and yes, we found some titles that were as low as a penny. Who says you need to go broke buying books?

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