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6 Surprising Household Uses for Rice You’ve Never Tried

Forget the stove: You can use rice to keep your silver sparkling, soothe sore muscles, and more. Read on for more surprising ways to use rice.

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Clean Your Coffee Grinder

A dirty coffee grinder can take a toll on the taste of your morning cuppa. To thoroughly clean your grinder, use uncooked rice, suggests KitchenAid. Pour a 1/2 cup of uncooked rice into the device and grind until pulverized. The rice will soak up any oils lingering in the grinder, as well as sharpen the blades. Then savor the freshness of your next cup of joe. 

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Make Your Own Hot Compress

Soothe aches and pains with a homemade hot compress. All you need is a clean sock and uncooked rice. Fill the sock with the rice, leaving enough room for the grains to move around and be able to conform to your body. Tie the end of the sock tightly with string (if using a long sock simply tie the end in a knot). To heat, microwave the filled sock for one minute. If it’s not warm enough, continue heating in 30 second increments until it reaches desired temperature. The compress can also be used as an ice pack by chilling it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. 

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Save Wet Electronics

Accidentally get your phone wet? Don’t panic: Uncooked rice can save it. Remove the battery, then place all of the wet pieces into a bowl of uncooked rice, submerging them completely. Leave overnight. The rice will soak up moisture that can damage your device. While tempting, don’t tackle your wet device with a hair dryer. The heat can melt metal components in your phone, doing more damage than the water! 

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Prevent Tools from Rusting

Rust forms when metals are exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long time. Keep your tools safe by adding a few scoops of uncooked rice to your toolbox. The rice will absorb moisture in the air, helping to keep your tools dry and rust-free. 

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Clean Glass Bottles and Vases

Vases with narrow necks are often extremely difficult to clean (how the heck do you get a sponge in there?!). Pour a handful of uncooked rice into the vase or bottle that’s giving you trouble and swirl the grains around with a little bit of soap and water. The grains will scrub away dirt and grime that gets trapped in the bottom of the bottle. 

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Reduce Tarnish on Silver

Although sooner or later you’ll need to polish your silver pieces, you can make the task easier by keeping tarnish to a minimum. Protect your silver from tarnish-causing moisture by placing a small bowl of rice in the cabinet where you keep your silver. The rice will absorb any moisture in the air. 

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