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What Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Say About Your Relationship

If you received a bouquet of flowers or are trying to figure out the right flowers to get for your partner, let this flower guide be your source. After all, you don't want to tell your partner "I love you," when all you really mean to say is "I like you as a friend."

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Red roses

There’s no better way to say “I love you” to your significant other than with a dozen red roses, says Robert Cottone, founder of lifestyle management company RC Inc., and a flower expert. The most classic of all Valentine’s Day flowers, the red rose symbolizes true love, desire, and devotion. Another good thing about red roses is it’s never too soon to send them. “I think it’s best to not overthink it. Go with your instinct and if the feeling is there send them,” Cottone adds. Learn why roses are so popular for Valentine’s Day.

Yellow-rosesPack Shot/Shutterstock

Yellow roses

If you’re hoping for red, but receive yellow roses, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but he probably just wants to be friends. Yellow roses indicate platonic emotions, says Cottone. While these Valentine’s Day flowers make the perfect gift for your best friend, it may still be OK to give to your partner. “Although they do symbolize friendship, you should go with it if you know that’s their favorite flower or color. They will appreciate the sentiment and the fact that you know the small things about them,” adds Cottone. Here are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for every stage of a relationship.


Lavender roses

Be excited about receiving lavender roses as it means your partner is serious about you. “If you knew your significant other was ‘the one’ the first time you laid eyes on him/her, lavender roses should be incorporated in your Valentine’s Day bouquet. These express love at first sight and enchantment,” says Cottone. They’re not as rare as you might think. Cottone notes that many florists are able to dye flowers which is how you can get lavender roses.

SucculentsJohn T/Shutterstock


We know these don’t scream “passion!” but it’s still a good sign to receive these! These are a sign he’s looking for a long-term relationship, says Laurenne Resnik and Whitney Port founders of Bloom2Bloom. “Mixing fresh flowers, like carnations, ranunculus, or dahlias, with succulents in one bouquet creates a unique look. This combination symbolizes everlasting love as succulents have a very long shelf life and carnations represent deep love and affection.” Find out the 13 secrets your florist won’t tell you.

DaffodilsFoxys Forest Manufacture/shutterstock


Usually associated with springtime, daffodils received on Valentine’s Day could also be sending the message that you make your mate really happy. “[Daffodils] represent chivalry and happiness, making them a great way for a man to show his appreciation for his best female friend.” Here are some budget-friendly ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Yellow chrysanthemums

If you’re single but get a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums at your door on Valentine’s Day, keep your eyes open. Cottone says these Valentine’s Day flowers symbolize lust from someone afar. In other words, you have a secret admirer! So if you’ve got a friend that perhaps you’re hoping turns out to be something more, send a bouquet of these beauties and see what happens.



When he shows up with a bouquet complete with filler flowers like, eucalyptus, thyme, fern, or ivy, it can show he cares about what you think of him. In other words, he cares about the small details. “These add an extra touch to show your significant other how much you pay attention to detail and care for them,” says Resnik and Port. Find out the most romantic Valentine’s Day restaurant in each state.


Calla lily

“Known to symbolize faithfulness and true devotion this flower will show your lover that you’re in it for the long haul. The white variety represents purity, while purple ones mean passion and admiration,” says Cottone. Not surprisingly, many brides opt to include calla lilies in bouquets.

OrchidPixel B/Shutterstock


Want to tell a woman she is sexy, strong, and you’re committed? Cottone suggests an orchid for your Valentine’s Day flowers. “These exotic flowers represent love, luxury, beauty, and strength; they’re perfect for the elegant woman in your life who enjoys the finer things in life.” And contrary to popular opinion, orchids are actually one of the longest lasting flowers—they can live for months, he says. Find out the personality traits revealed by your favorite flower.

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With carnations, the message you’re sending depends on the color. Pink carnations, for example, are associated with deep love, like a mother’s. They’re the perfect flower to show your affection and appreciation, explains Cottone. Looking for a bouquet for the man in your life? Cottone suggests a bouquet of carnations in deep purple, fuchsia, or lime green for guys. Next, check out these Valentine’s Day facts you never knew.