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40 Funny Valentine’s Day Memes Everyone Can Relate To

Spread the love with these hilarious (and relatable) Valentine's Day memes.

You And Your Bff Laughing At These Valentines Day Memes
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Funny Valentine’s Day memes for all your hilarious loves

Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. But whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship, this is a day to show the people you love just how much you care. If you’re in need of some Valentine’s Day ideas, maybe try the gift of laughter this year. These Valentine’s Day memes are for everyone, full of Valentine’s Day puns, Valentine’s Day jokes, love memes, funny quotes and Valentine’s Day jokes for kids. You’ll even find memes about embracing being single. Regardless of your relationship status, time to spread the love (and the laughs) this holiday.

Angry woman. Meme text: Do you have a date for Valentine's Day? Yes, it's February 14th.
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Valentine’s Day date

Just one of the best memes of all time.

Person wearing robot costume, holding out arms. Meme text: Hold up! Before Valentine's Day is over Does anyone want to confess their love for me?
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You’ve still got time. Maybe do it with one of these love quotes?

Man in office. Meme text: What are you doing on Valentine's Day? Me: Umm, going to work.
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Paperwork date

Just like I do every other day. If work memes are your thing, check out these work-from-home memes.

Woman opening the door and screaming. Meme text: Me acting surprised when the chocolate cake and flowers that I ordered for myself arrive.
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Delivery for one

How did they know that this is my favorite dessert? Just you, your cake and a romance novel. Perfect.

Watching television in bed. Meme text: Roses are red, violets are blue, watching murder mysteries on Netflix costs less than dinner for two.
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Saving money

There’s nothing like scaring yourself before bed. True crime documentaries, anyone?

Grocery store aisle with candy. Meme text: I'll see you tomorrow for half price ;)
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If you don’t wait until February 15th to buy Valentine’s Day chocolate, you’re doing it wrong.

Dog looking crazy. Meme text: I'm only single on Valentine's Day because I haven't found someone that can handle how awesome I am yet.
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Too awesome

It’s difficult to date me, I understand. Check out more of these hilarious dog memes!

Woman raising hand. Meme text: Is Netflix a valentine?
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Question for the class

If you want Netflix to be your valentine, I can’t stop you. If you’re feeling really bold, maybe try watching one of the best romantic movies of all time.

Man falling into a ball pit. Meme text: When you can't escape all of the Valentine's Day posts on social media.
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Too many posts

If I see one more mushy Instagram story…but if you are posting with your partner, try out one of these Instagram captions for couples.

Pouring glass of wine. Meme text: The best part about being single on Valentine's Day is that you get all the wine to yourself.
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No sharing

No need to fight over who gets the last few drops—or utters the best wine pun of the night.

Coupon that says "free wish." Meme text: This coupon will get you one full day of me not complaining about Valentine's Day.
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Valentine’s Day coupon

Only one day, that’s all I can do.

Box of chocolates. It says "You complete me" but someone drew on "ss" so it reads "you complete mess"
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You complete me


Thick, stuffed-crust pizza. Meme text: Dating is cool, but have you ever had stuffed crust pizza?
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Pizza over dates

Mmm…the cheese is better than any Valentine’s Day date you could go on.

The Way To My Heart This Valentines Day Meme
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A direct line

Extra cheese, please.

Will You Be My Valentine Meme
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you.

My Surprised Face When I See The Roses From My Significant Other That Ive Been Dropping Hints About For Weeks Meme
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What a surprise!

Personally, I am shocked.

The Best Part Of Valentines Day Meme
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Chocolate and more chocolate

Oh yeah, and being in love.

N Flowers Please Ill Just Take An Iced Coffee Meme
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The gift of caffeine

With cream, a little sugar, and maybe one of these other Valentine’s Day gifts.

Me And The Girls This Galentines Day Meme
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True love

Galentine’s Day is arguably better than Valentine’s Day.

Thanks For Always Having Tampons And Gum Meme
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It’s the little things

Happy Valentine’s Day, best friend. Pick up one of these sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for your friends this year.

My Ideal Valentine Meme
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A furry and cuddly Valentine

I woof you.

You And Your Partner Running To Cvs On February 15 For Half Price Candy Day Meme
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Did someone say discounted candy?

Run, don’t walk.

You And Your Bff Laughing At These Valentines Day Memes
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Memes for days

A forever kind of love.

When You Get Invited To A Galentines Day Gathering Meme
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Party time

I love my girls.

Explaing To Your Partner Meme
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But really, what makes more sense here?

I Hope You Made Us Some Valentines Day Plans Today That Dont Entail Us Leaving The House Meme
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Nothing planned

The best plans are no plans—especially with the person you love.

Me Writing A Valentines Day Card To My Husband I Wish You Aould Stop Snoring Meme
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But I still love you. You’ll definitely want to check out the funniest Valentine’s Day cards you can buy this year.

When Your Partner Breathes Meme
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Head over heels

You just love them so much.

Spending Valentines Day With My Two True Loves My Partner And Wine Meme
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No wine-ing here

They’re both just so grape.

This Years Valentines Day Feast Meme
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No reservations

Better than any fancy restaurant.

Brace Yourself Valentines Day Posts Are Coming Meme
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Watch out

Facebook is about to be flooded with wedding photos.

When Youre Spending Valentines Day With The Love Of Your Life And Theres No One Else Youd Rather Be With Meme
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He’s my best friend

It’s a beautiful day for love.

Ill Take 20 Meme
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Unconditional love.

Hey Are You Google Because You Have Everything Im Searching For Meme
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A beautiful love poem.

My Valentines Meme
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Anything for them

Look at those eyes.

You Know What This Sweater Is Made Out Of Boyfriend Material Meme
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So soft

And wool.

Smelling All That Love In The Air Meme
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Big inhale

Will You Be My Valentine Meme
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Kitten eyes

You’re purr-fect.

Have Any Raisins No Then How About A Date Meme
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Say yes

Dried fruits are just so romantic.

Significant Otters Meme
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Cutest couple

We’re crazy about each otter. Now that you’ve laughed your way through these Valentine’s Day memes, you’ll want to share some of these relationship quotes to celebrate your love.
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