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30 Valentine’s Day Puns You Can’t Help but Smile At

These Valentine’s Day puns are the perfect sweet (but also silly) message to write in your love’s card this February 14th.

Pie like you berry muchNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Sweet love

Pie like you berry much. After you’re done laughing at these hilariously cute Valentine’s Day puns, check out these interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

Can't bear to be without you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Bear hugs

Can’t bear to be without you.

Aloe you vera much.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Soothing aloe

Aloe you vera much. Try out these Valentine’s Day ideas long term couples swear by.

So mushroom in my heart for you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Veggie love

So mushroom in my heart for you. If you think these Valentine’s Day puns are funny, check out these love and marriage cartoons that are hilariously accurate.

I love you a whole watt.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Electric heart

I love you a whole watt.

You whisk me off my feet.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Baking romance

You whisk me off my feet. If you don’t have anyone you can share these Valentine’s Day puns with, check out these ways to be single on Valentine’s Day.

I love you like no otter.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Otters in love

I love you like no otter.

Life would succ without you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Succulent sunshine

Life would succ without you. Try these tips for the best Valentine’s Day on a budget

I was soapin you'd be my ValentineNicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Squeaky clean cuteness

I was soapin’ you’d be my Valentine.

I a-peach-iate you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Sweet peach

I a-peach-iate you. These are the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

I'll owl-ways love you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Hoot hoot hearts

I’ll owl-ways love you.

I lava you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Volcano valentines

I lava you. Check out these adorable Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. You can incorporate some of these Valentine’s Day puns into their cards.

You're sew special to me.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Stitch my heart

You’re sew special to me.

Do you beleaf in love?Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Falling in love

Do you beleaf in love? These Valentine’s Day puns are sure to make you laugh, but you probably never knew about the dark history behind the holiday

We've got good chemistry.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Chemical reaction

We’ve got good chemistry.

You're the loaf of my life.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Bread buddies

You’re the loaf of my life. These are the best heart-shaped products for Valentine’s Day.

Seal-ed with a kiss.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Ocean seals

Seal-ed with a kiss.

You sweep me off my feet.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Cleaning cuteness

You sweep me off my feet.

I turtlely love you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Shell soulmates

I turtlely love you. These are the most romantic Valentine’s Day restaurants in every state.

Words cannot express hummus I love you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Chickpea couple

Words cannot express hummus I love you.

I'll never desert you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Desert of love

I’ll never desert you.

So glad I pricked you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Poked in the heart

So glad I pricked you.

You're just my type.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Typewriter love poem

You’re just my type. Check out these awesome best friend gifts for Valentine’s Day.

I sulfur when you argon.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Periodic people

I sulfur when you argon.

You are my everything bagel.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Seasoned with affection

You are my everything bagel.

You're one in chameleon.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Chameleon crush

You’re one in a chameleon.

I aorta tell you how much I love you.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Love running through my veins

I aorta tell you how much I love you. These are Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world.

Will you be my Valenlime?Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Citrus appreciation

Will you be my Valenlime?

You octopi my heart!Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Octopus amour

You octopi my heart!

I love you beyond measure.Nicole Fornabaio/, Shutterstock

Musical notes

I love you beyond measure. If your partner isn’t one for Valentine’s Day puns, try these love quotes to add to your Valentine’s Day card.

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