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Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco’s Ridiculous Stock Photos Are Perfect for These Imaginary Articles

To promote its upcoming comedy Unfinished Business, Twentieth Century Fox has released a set of free stock photos through Getty Images featuring stars Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson. As editors, we couldn't help but wonder: Which fake article headlines would do each of these silly photos justice?


Unsure whether to clap in a business meeting?

The perfect article: “We Asked 45 Body-Language Experts for Applause Best Practices. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next.”


Hooray for teamwork!

The perfect article: “7 Subtle, Totally Natural Ways to Inspect Your Coworkers for Bedbugs Without Their Ever Knowing”



The perfect article: “Wow: 12 Devilishly Handsome CEOs Confess How They Juked the Stats to Get Rich Quick”


It’s not what you’d think

The perfect article: “Why Did These 5 Marketing Professionals Assemble in Pyramid Formation? The Answer Will Surprise and Move You.”

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