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14 Vintage Kids Photos That Prove Childhood Hasn’t Changed All That Much

Things may have looked a little different, but kids will still be kids.

Reminisce Extra Magazine

“In 1944, my dad was a gunner’s mate in the Merchant Marine. My brothers and I would ride our bikes to the bus stop to meet him whenever he got a weekend pass.” -George Marfis, Reminisce Extra, March 2017 (Check out these adorable vintage pictures of kids horseback riding.)

Reminisce Magazine

“The Andrews sisters, from left, Colleen, 2, Kathleen, 4, and Maureen, 3, and brother Jim, 6, show off their mom’s sewing skills in matching outfits in Coventry, RI, in 1962. ‘We dressed alike for all holidays,’ says Kathleen.” -Kathleen Andrews, Reminisce, April 2017

Reminisce Extra Magazine

“My constant desire whenever we visited my grandparents in Elk Country, PA, was ‘to drive the little car.’ They rarely agreed, but on this sunny day in 1941, I finally got my wish. Here I am at the wheel with my cousins and my big sister Mary (with glasses). -Joan Wheeler, Reminisce Extra, March 2017. These old family photos of what picnics used to look like will make you want to have one of your own.

Danny Archly/Reminisce Magazine

“My favorite thing as a child was dragging my red wagon up and down the sidewalk with whatever I could put in it.” -Danny Atchley, Reminisce, October 2014

Reminisce Extra Magazine

“Harry Cole, now of Phoenix, AZ, fondly remembers getting a Hopalong Cassidy outfit and bike for his fourth birthday – ‘I was the envy of the entire block.'” -Harry Cole, Reminisce Extra, March 2017

Jean Tomlinson/Reminisce Magazine

“My son David rode behind big brother Greg until Grandma bought David his own pedal car. This treasured photo was taken in 1955.” -Jean Tomlinson, Reminisce, October 2014. Check out these photos of what childhood looked like before technology took over.

Karen Chidester/Reminisce Magazine

“We were working in the yard on a brisk day in 1967 when our daughter, Deb (right), and her friend Paula O’Conner came along pushing our dog Tippy in a stroller. Tippy was a tad ornery 90 percent of the time, but to the girls he was just a doll.” -Gordon and Karen Chidester, Reminisce, October 2014

Reminisce Extra Magazine

“Paul Pariseau (left), his brother Darold (right) and Wendall Crockett were always together until the two brothers moved to California in the mid-1940s, says Wendell, now of Charlton, MA. ‘A few years ago, Darold and his wife came back and we reconnected,’ Wendell writes. ‘Good friends, good memories.'” -Wendell Crockett, Reminisce Extra, March 2017

Reminisce Extra Magazine

“This was supposed to be a ‘Happy Easter’ picture for my aunt. But I was pouting.” -William Paronto, Reminisce Extra, March 2017

Robert Dyson/Reminisce Extra Magazine

“After fishing on the Allegheny River during vacation around 1948, my brother, Rick (left), and I proudly hauled back our catch. Mother dutifully cooked our fish for dinner that evening.” -Robert Dyson, Reminisce Extra, July 2014. (These vintage kitchen items are worth a lot more than you may think.)

Jill Stenger/Reminisce Extra Magazine

“Summer was the best time to have a lemonade stand. When our daughter, Jill, was growing up in the ’60s, she and her friends opened a lemonade stand to raise money for Boston’s memorial John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum. Pouring 24 cups at 5 cents apiece from a cold pitcher, Jill and the girls made $1.20. Back then a dollar went a long way.” -Maxine Stenger, Reminisce Extra, July 2014

These-Were-Some-of-the-Images-Captured-on-the-Worlds-First-Portable-CamerasCourtesy Don Cunningham

“I took this picture of my friends Louis Schneider and Les Lumbattis with their push racer in Maywood, California, in about 1950, using my fixed-focus Brownie.” -Don Cunningham, Reminisce Extra, January 2018

These-Were-Some-of-the-Images-Captured-on-the-Worlds-First-Portable-CamerasCourtesy Sue Vorpagel

“When my parents and I were picking blueberries with their friends in northern Michigan in 1938, someone gave me this Brownie camera so I could take photos. I was very proud! Little did I know, there was no film in it and someone else was snapping my picture. I was 4 years old.” Susie Vorpagel, Reminisce Extra, January 2018

These-Were-Some-of-the-Images-Captured-on-the-Worlds-First-Portable-CamerasCourtesy Rev. David M. Poland

“We were all-American kids, in sixth grade at Stanley Hall School in Evansville, Indiana, in 1963. From left, Jimmy Kappenman, Frank Johnson, Christopher Clayton and Eric Johnson; with the pigskin, Ernie Rogers and David Wilder. I inherited the small brown box camera from my grandpa.” David Poland, Reminisce Extra, January 2018. 

Originally Published in Reminisce