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30 Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards You’ll Wish You Had Received

Roses are red. Violets are blue...

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Vintage-ValentinesCourtesy Carol Byron

Best husband in the world

Look at those rosy cheeks! Of course, part of being the best husband in the world is buying your wife the gifts she actually wants. Drop him hints with this list of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon.

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Vintage-ValentinesCourtesy Carol Byron

I’d choose you

Who would you give this valentine to? Maybe yourself! Here are 11 ways to be happy being single on Valentine’s Day.

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Vintage-ValentinesCourtesy Carol Byron

Filled with love

You’re lucky if you’ve found a spouse that is irreplaceable. Do you know the history of Valentine’s Day?

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Vintage-ValentinesCourtesy Carol Byron

Heartbeats for you

A dreamy orchestra would be pretty impressive though.

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Vintage-ValentinesCourtesy Carol Byron

Love trance

Have you ever felt hypnotized because you’re so in love? Make sure you don’t get them any of these Valentine’s Day gifts that send the wrong message.

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Vintage-ValentinesCourtesy Carol Byron

Falling in love

Watch out! Drop off to love ahead.

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Vintage-ValentinesCourtesy Carol Byron

Be mine

Won’tcha accept this Valentine? These are the Valentine’s Day ideas long-time couples swear by.

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Dear ValentineCourtesy Ardella Score/Reminisce

Dear Valentine

A hot air balloon ride would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re an adventurous couple, why not check out these thrill-seeking V-Day ideas?

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labor of love Courtesy Ardella Score/Reminisce

Labor of love

I would take you to court to fight for how much I love you. Check out these facts you probably never knew about Valentine’s Day.

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register romance Courtesy Ardella Score/Reminisce

Register romance

You can’t go wrong with a cute puppy. Or a home-cooked meal, like these romantic dinner ideas.

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lasso you to love Courtesy Ardella Score/Reminisce

Lasso you to love

This cowboy wants to steal your heart.

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rain or shineCourtesy Ardella Score/Reminisce

Rain or shine

Kissing in the rain is very romantic, as are these Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world.

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dial her numberCourtesy Ardella Score/Reminisce

Dial her number

Today, this Valentine would probably feature texting instead of a phone call.

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goofing aroundCourtesy Ardella Score/Reminisce

Goofing around

Love can be a silly game, but the flowers you send aren’t. Go beyond roses with this list of creative Valentine’s Day flowers that mean love.

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just my typeCourtesy Carol Jacobs Norwood/Reminisce

Just my type

This typewriter has written a lot of love letters.

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hold on tight Reminisce

Hold on tight

A bicycle built for two might be the cutest thing ever, except for these stories of first love.

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girlish greetingReminisce

Girlish greeting

This vintage valentine is from the 1920s.

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valentine roosterCourtesy Tom Beiter/Reminisce

Valentine rooster

Be as loud as a rooster when you shout about how much you love your Valentine. These are the gifts women actually want for Valentine’s Day.

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postcard Courtesy Mary Howe/Reminisce

A special postcard

This beautiful vintage Valentine’s Day postcard is from 1910, but we like a little old-fashioned in our V-Day celebrations, like roses. Do you know why these flowers are so popular for Valentine’s Day?

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fixing broken hearts Courtesy Tom Beiter/Reminisce

Fixing broken hearts

Mending a broken heart is a very important job, maybe too important for anyone but your bestie.

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parking permitted Courtesy Hallmark Archives/Reminisce

Parking permitted

Won’t my Valentine come sit a chat for a bit? If you don’t want to sit at home this Valentine’s Day, head out on one of these romantic weekend getaways.

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best boy friendCourtesy Hallmark Archives/Reminisce

My best boy friend

A cute Valentine for your loving husband. These are the 13 secrets your card store doesn’t want you to know on Valentine’s Day.

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pink flowers Courtesy Mary Howe/Reminisce

Pink flowers

Pink or red flowers are always the way to go.

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cozy cornerCourtesy R. Vernon James/Reminisce

Cozy corner

How much room do you have in your heart for your love? These are the best heart-shaped products to buy for Valentine’s Day.

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slave for love Reminisce

Slave for love

Of course, I’ll be your Valentine! Find out what your Valentine’s Day flowers say about your relationship.

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holding hands Reminisce

Holding hands

I want to be your Valentine forever.

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my dear Reminisce

My dear

Who would you give this cute Valentine to? This is the most romantic Valentine’s Day restaurant in every state.

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the best teacher Reminisce

The best teacher

A+ teachers deserve Valentines too.

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All smiles and hearts, like your Valentine’s face after you give them one of these great gifts (that you can buy at the drugstore!)

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coax me into itReminisce

Coax me into it

Just a little push.

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