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7 Wallpaper Craft Projects (That Don’t Involve Walls)

Have leftover strips of wallpaper? These creative crafts will add a bit of style and color to everyday life.

Courtesy The Thinking Closet

Wallpapered Coasters

New to wallpapering? Start slowly. This coaster craft is perfect for those loose bits of paper you have stuffed in the attic. Showcase them on your coffee tables (added plus: avoid drink rings). The Thinking Closet has the tutorial that will have you toasting to wallpaper.

Courtesy Spoonflower

Wallpapered Table

It may be a bedside table, but don’t fall asleep at the sight of it. Upgrade a drab piece of furniture by accenting its shelves and drawers with modish wallpaper. In this tutorial from Spoonflower, an old table becomes a modern statement piece with just the right print.

Courtesy The Lovely Drawer

Wallpapered Tray

You work hard to whip up scrumptious food, so showcase it right. Simply wallpaper the bottom of your go-to serving tray and polish. The Lovely Drawer explains how to make a simple tray très beau (read: beautiful!).

Courtesy So Much Better WIth Age

Wallpapered Art

Need a visual pick-me-up? To create a focal point in a room, capture attention with blocks of standout wallpaper that match smaller accents in the space (in this case, a pink background ties in a nearby vase). So Much Better With Age gives a plain room a pretty boost by covering two adjacent canvasses with floral print.

Courtesy Brave New Home

Wallpapered Lamps

Shed some light on your personal style with a lamp that makes use of extra wallpaper strips. This project requires only a bit of paper, a lampshade in need of an upgrade, and double-sided tape. Brave New Home has step-by-step photos for a lighting fixture that’s personalized for your home and easy to pull off.

Courtesy Spoonflower, Wallpaper design Tatami by Kalla, and Twinkie by Yardwork

Wallpapered Notebooks

Care to keep it simple? Cover your notebooks (yes, like your mom did when you were in grade school—but with far more flair). Or, for a more polished-looking bookshelf, upgrade battered bindings and torn covers with your favorite prints. Diane from CraftyPod uses creative wallpapers to make humdrum notebooks a bit more inspiring.

Courtesy Aunt Peaches

Wallpapered Fridge

Wallpaper craft addicts, this one’s for you! No rules say your fridge has to be a boring neutral color. Dressing it up can splash a kitchen with a retro vibe. Aunt Peaches demonstrates just what a dramatic difference it can make. Decide it’s not what you wanted? Follow these pro tips for removing wallpaper.

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