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12 Ways Walmart Tricks You into Spending More Money

Walmart has some tricks up its sleeve when it comes to getting you to spend more money in its stores.

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Walmart is best known for its many bargains that are often too good to pass up. And who doesn’t love saving money? The trick is that sometimes saving money on certain items can lead to spending more on others. Walmart has mastered a few clever ways to maximize the retail experience so that you not only save more but shop more, too. For more Walmart secrets, check out which jobs at the giant retailer former employees say are the worst.


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Putting the bakery in front of the store

Who doesn’t like how bakeries smell? There’s something so delightful about the smell of freshly baked bread, and Walmart knows it, according to 24/7 Wall Street. By putting the bakery in front of the store, Walmart creates a warm and inviting environment, thus encouraging you to shop more. If you’re heading to Walmart anytime soon, here are the 14 things you’re not buying from Walmart—but should.

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The Walmart app

There is an app for everything these days, so it’s no surprise that Walmart has one. Just beware, the app will likely get you to spend more without even realizing it. Consumers who download the retailer’s app not only spend more but also shop in-store twice as much as the average shopper, according to Retail Dive.

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Traffic builders

You’re in Walmart to buy a carton of milk, and you have to go all the way to the back of the store. Wouldn’t it be easier if convenient items were located in easy to find places in the store? Yes, it would, but it wouldn’t be profitable. Putting everyday items, like milk and bread, all the way at the back of the store exposes shoppers to more potential purchases, according to 24/7 Wall Street. It’s best if you check out the 10 things polite people don’t do at Walmart, too. 

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Making it hard to find things

If you’ve been to Walmart, you know how hard it can be to find items on your shopping list. This is very intentional, according to 24/7 Wall Street. If shoppers cannot easily locate the item they came into the store to buy, they typically begin to look at other items they had no intention of buying and occasionally that turns into a sale. Keep that in mind the next time you go to Walmart to buy detergent, and leave with a folding chair that was on “such a good sale.”

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Action alley

It’s hard to resist a promotion. It’s why Walmart creates an “action alley,” which is the most central area of the store where it is typical to see one-off promotions or seasonal items. It makes the shoppers think more good deals await as they get deeper into the store, according to 24/7 Wall Street. Here are some wild things you can buy at Walmart

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Rollback prices

A rollback item is not your usual sale item. The item has been lowered in the price for other reasons, like overstock, according to Business Insider. As they only last for 90 days, there is a sense of urgency that comes with them. This makes customers more eager to buy an item, as they don’t know how long it is before it goes back to its original price. 

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Offering coupons in the store

Not only can you get some free sample products at Walmart, but you can also get some free coupons, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady. However, using these coupons doesn’t always mean a bargain, especially if you weren’t intending to buy an item at first but you buy it anyway because now you have a coupon. In addition to coupons, here are some services you didn’t know you could get at Walmart

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Everyday low prices

Walmart’s everyday low prices beat other retailers 86 percent of the time, according to 24/7 Wall Street. Think twice before you start taking advantage of this though, as lower prices can mean you over-buying things. These are the top-selling Walmart products in every state.

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Store tunes

Most of us know the kind of music Walmart plays. Apparently, the selection of tunes they play is very intentional. Walmart stores get consumers in the mood to shop by playing a variety of “calm, soothing” tunes or pop Top 40 hits, according to Business Insider

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Not rounding up prices

Ever wondered why a carton of milk was $2.99 instead of $3? It creates the illusion of a discount, of course! Walmart often gravitates toward listing prices just below whole numbers to give the impression that the shopper is getting a deal, according to Business Insider. Here are some gorgeous kitchen items you can find at Walmart

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Pick-up in store offers

When it comes to in-store pick-up options, Walmart is ahead of the game. Walmart’s in-store pickup discount gets you an automatic 5 to 10 percent off select items, plus they ship to the store for free. The discount, combined with the fact that you won’t be the one hauling all the items you bought to your car can lead customers to buy more than they would otherwise.

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Seasonal items everywhere

Heart-shaped trays, Halloween baskets, small snowmen—Walmart has all the seasonal items you may need. In fact, it might seem like they have all the seasonal items in the world nearing a holiday, and there’s a reason for that. The more you see seasonal items, the more likely you are to buy them to “get it out of the way,” even if you certainly did not come to the store to buy Valentine’s Day decorations. Next, check out which strange item Walmart stocks up on before storms.