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7 Easy Styling Tricks to Revamp Your Wardrobe in One Weekend or Less

Tiny tweaks and cheap upgrades you can make to items you already own.

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Clean everything out

The first step in any closet overhaul is to clean everything out. Donate the items that are in decent condition and toss the ones that aren’t. This is how to decide what to keep and what to lose. For any item you’re hesitant to get rid of but don’t wear often, consider what you don’t like about it. If it’s something that’s fixable or replaceable, set the piece aside and put it on your wardrobe to-do list (which we’re about to tackle!).

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Take inventory

Consider your thought process as you get dressed in the morning. Do you always find yourself wishing for a pair of tailored black pants? A versatile chambray shirt? A pair of nude heels? Make a list of the holes in your wardrobe—that is, the classic pieces you’re missing—and add them to a note in your phone that you can easily access during your next shopping trip. Taking the time to think about the next additions to your wardrobe will limit your impulse buys and help you get around to adding the pieces you need most.

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Upgrade an item with new buttons

Now that you’ve got the pieces you’re iffy on in one place, brainstorm ways to update them. If the piece has mediocre buttons (say lightweight plastics or peeling faux pearls), try replacing them. You can find great detailed buttons at secondhand stores and craft stores (or even by removing ones you already own from a jacket or family member’s jacket that no longer fits). For a classic look, ask your tailor to add classic mother-of-pearl or horn buttons to your shirt.

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Remove pills from shirts and sweaters

Once a garment devolves into a pile of pills, take action by removing them or toss the piece. One simple way to get rid of the pesky balls is to gently glide over them with a razor. Focus on spots that your arms or bag frequently rub up against—that’s where the pills are most likely to form. Here are genius tips to make your sweater last longer.

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Add shine

Look at your jewelry, shoes, belts, and bags—the accessories that hold your outfit together—and decide what needs to be shined or buffed. Most jewelry and belt buckles can be cleaned with Alka-Seltzer or Windex, leather shoes can be shined with cream shoe polish, and handbags can be buffed with lotion. If there’s a noticeable scuff anything, fill it in with a matching nail polish color.

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Brainstorm a styling fix

If it feels like you’ve got nothing to wear every morning, it might be because you haven’t had the time to get creative with new outfits. Take a look at the pieces you own that you rarely wear. Some fixes include cuffing the sleeve of a shirt, tucking it in (or working a half-tuck), adding a jacket or blazer, or even testing an outfit with a different pair of shoes. Click through Pinterest or flip through store catalogs for inspiration.

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Iron clothes in batches

Add life back into your clothes by ironing them on the weekend. Start with the most delicate items (so your iron starts on the lowest heat) and work your way up to cottons and linens. Immediately hang or fold clothes and set your alarm clock for five minutes later: You can rest easy knowing the outfit you want to wear is ironed and refreshed.

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