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Here’s What to Order from Wawa’s Secret Menu

You might be surprised by what’s on Wawa’s secret menu—and the ordering tricks that will get you a perfect breakfast on the go!

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Wawa is a one-stop shop for gas, coffee, and food—and people are obsessed with the place! The convenience store has friendly, helpful staff as well as touch-screen computers where you can order food. Now Wawa has a secret menu, too! They rolled it out in honor of their 54th birthday and decided to keep the fun going. Here’s how Wawa’s secret menu works, plus a bunch of cool, insider ordering tricks. Check out these other restaurants you never knew had secret menus.

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side photo of rainbow bagel with cream cheeseHolly Vegter/Shutterstock

Rainbow Bagel

When Wawa rolled out its secret menu in honor of its birthday, the theme was…birthday! Now that summer’s here, the theme is rainbow colors. (Perfect for anyone who loves rainbow sprinkles.) Start with what might be the coolest secret menu item we’ve ever seen: Wawa’s rainbow-hued bagel. To get your hands on one, order at a touch-screen kiosk (where most of the secret stuff resides at Wawa) and click on the trademark Wawa goose.

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Colorful Lemonades

Along with the Rainbow Bagel, Wawa’s secret menu includes a rainbow of lemonade flavors, including strawberry and mango along with the classic citrus. It will all be yours for the taking when you get to Wawa, order at the touch screen and click on the goose. (By the way, Wawa is a Native American word for goose.) Need some lemonade right this very minute? Here are 17 summertime lemonade recipes to quench your thirst.

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For a limited time only (except not in Florida…sorry, Florida), “Siptopoia” means you can get any 16-ounce beverage on the menu, from cold brew coffee to lattes to frozen smoothies, frozen teas, and frozen coffees, for only $1.99. Like the rainbow menu items, your ticket to Siptopia is available at the in-store touch-screen kiosk. Frozen hot chocolate craving? You can actually make it at home with this recipe.

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Take away coffee on wooden backgroundJHENG YAO/Shutterstock

Free Coffee

Another of Wawa’s secret menu items during April and May was a free cuppa. But here’s the secret wrapped within a secret: Wawa loves giving out free coffee, and they do it on the regular! To get in on the freebie whenever it’s available, you can keep your eye on the Wawa Promotions page, or become a Wawa Rewards member and get alerted via email. And guess what? When you join the Rewards program, you get a free coffee, too!

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Wawa Reserve Coffee

You probably already know Wawa has amazing coffee. But what you may not know is that since January, they’ve been rotating a variety of limited edition small-batch, specialty-grade coffees. Every now and then, Wawa Reserve Coffee is just a buck, and that promotion is likely to come around again. Love all things small-batch? You’ll want to add micro-cream to your coffee.

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Close up shot of several freshly served cheese quesadillas on a platterKirill Z/Shutterstock

Built-to-Order Quesadillas

While the secret-menu quesadillas at Chick-fil-A may or may not be available at any given Chick-fil-A, you can be sure that custom quesadillas are on the menu at every Wawa location. Hello, BBQ Chicken & Cheese with onions!

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food truck sandwich of grilled cheese and heirloom tomatofarbled/Shutterstock

Create Your Own Sourdough Melt

Wawa has plenty of signature sourdough melts available, including Spicy Italian, Spicy Cheesesteak, Grilled Cheese and Roasted Chicken, and you’re also more than welcome to request any sourdough melt you can invent. Pepperoni-Grilled Cheese Sourdough Melt, anyone? Don’t miss all the mind-blowing ways you can upgrade a classic sandwich.

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piadina in the roaring grill of the outdoor restaurant during the village festivalChiccoDodiFC/Shutterstock

Design Your Own Flatbread

Just because Wawa’s menu only lists three selections of Flatbread Sandwich (Tuscan Turkey, Santa Fe Chicken, and Chicken Club), doesn’t mean you can’t ask for exactly what you want on your flatbread sandwich—take your choice of any fresh ingredients they on the menu, tucked into bread with the parmesan baked right in. Don’t plan on leftovers when you make this cheesy flatbread at home!

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Duo Delight Sandwichifoodijourney/Shutterstock

Built-to-Order Breakfast Hoagies

With 21 Breakfast Hoagie choices on Wawa’s official menu, it amazes us to know at every Wawa, you can still make a custom Breakfast Hoagie. How about Pepperoni Egg White? Or a Ham Egg and Sausage Omelet hoagie? For anyone who loves breakfast sandwiches, you’ll want to see this recipe collection. Next, find out the 14 secret menu items you’ll want to order at your favorite restaurants.

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