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5 Ways to Save Gas on Your Next Trip

According to the AAA gas prices are still averaging about $2.71 per gallon, so even vacations close to home can drain the wallet. Follow these tips to take the pinch out of the pump prices.

1. Track the best prices in your area or the area in which you will be traveling: Try and

2. Plan your route. Use a GPS or to get exact directions. Extra driving time means wasted gas. Try to avoid making left hand turns where you will spend more time idling your car.

3. Have another family join you on your trip. More fun for the kids and you save the cost of fuel for one whole car and split the bills!

4. Check the air in your tires. The less air, the more difficult to drive.

5. Change your oil every 3,000 miles. A clean engine means fuel will be more efficient.

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