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5 Ways to Save Gas on Your Next Trip

According to the AAA gas prices are still averaging about $2.71 per gallon, so even vacations close to home can drain the wallet. Follow these tips to take the pinch out of the pump prices.

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1. Track the best prices in your area or the area in which you will be traveling: Try and

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2. Plan your route. Use a GPS or to get exact directions. Extra driving time means wasted gas. Try to avoid making left hand turns where you will spend more time idling your car.

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3. Have another family join you on your trip. More fun for the kids and you save the cost of fuel for one whole car and split the bills!

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4. Check the air in your tires. The less air, the more difficult to drive.

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5. Change your oil every 3,000 miles. A clean engine means fuel will be more efficient.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest