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25 Funniest Wedding Memes for the Big Day

In sickness and in health, these wedding memes will be there to make you laugh.

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Young lesbian couple celebrating their marriage in front of their friends. The wedding ceremony is outdoors
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Here comes the meme

Your wedding is arguably one of the most important days of your life full of joy, love, and, let’s be real, a ton of stress. But even though weddings (especially your own) can be overwhelming at times, you can still find some humor in the little things. And we’re here to help you with that, which is why we’ve created some of the best memes that perfectly poke fun at your big day. Once you get through these wedding memes, we have you covered for laughs about every milestone, including these anniversary memes, marriage memes, and happy birthday memes. You’ll be sending us these thank you memes in no time!

very tired woman waking up with coffee
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Good question

Don’t panic. I’m just figuring out the best way to tie the knot.

A young funny couple having relax SPA day in sauna, a woman making selfie with beauty mask while her boyfriend is asleep
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In sickness and in health

Yes, I am marrying the love of my life. Why do you ask? Don’t miss these funny marriage quotes that will surely resonate with you.

Bride laughing while carrying groom in park on sunny day
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Lucky man

Is there anything more exciting than marrying the person you love?

Fresh pizzas on a pizza buffet
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I do

Pizza please… buffet style. Wedding etiquette doesn’t really matter in this case.

Lush floral garland with white roses hangs over the stylishly served white tables on the spacious terrace. Wedding reception is illuminated with electric garlands, green garden is on the background.
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Cool and casual

Where’s my crown? Will anyone be reciting any love poems?

Looking into the back of the car at two children passengers passing the trip away teasing and crying.
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Kids, it’s wedding time

Just everyone else’s children. If you want to give your partner something other than the gift of laughter, check out these anniversary gifts by year.

Just Going To Call My Boyf I Mean Fiance meme
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Something to get used to. If you’re heading to a wedding soon, give the new couple one of the best wedding gifts they’ll cherish forever.

split photo, same sex male grooms smiling for photo, drunk man dancing at wedding on right
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A mess

Maybe before would be best?

daughter ignoring her concerned mother. They are sitting on a park bench together. The daughter is blonde and is wearing a pink and blue shirt. Her mother is wearing grey and trying to talk to her in the background.
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Mom, please

What do you mean no flowers?

Portrait of woman with angry face in home's living room
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That one?

Are you sure? If you and your BFF have this kind of relationship, you’ll want to send these funny friend memes to her ASAP.

Portrait of a young lady making a thoughtful face in front of Light blue background
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Decisions, decisions

I think I’ll need to try the chocolate one more time.

Two just married lesbians have their first dance at the wedding party
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True love

Love is in the air. You’ll want to share these romantic quotes with your partner before the big day.

man reading very long paper roll in office
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Give or take 100 people

Do we really need to invite Kathy from Zumba?

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Party time! Celebrate with these congratulation memes!

Full length of young female friends using smart phones while relaxing on bed at home during slumber party
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Group nap

With some pizza or tacos when everyone wakes up, of course. These funny friendship quotes will perfectly describe your relationship.

African American woman napping on sofa
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I’ll just take a quick nap first.

Emotionally stressed businesswoman with coffee cup at table in living room
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Everything is fine!

So much to do, so little time.

Suspicious female reading a letter sitting on a couch in the living room at home In Green Sunglasses Showing A Rock Gesture Isolated On White Background
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No flip-flops allowed

Yes, you must wear a suit jacket. These summer memes will add an extra dose of hilarity to your summer wedding.

Bride and Her Mother in Law Drinking Wine From Large Wineglass at Wedding Celebration
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*Sips wine*

Drink up!

Handsome young man looking through window thinking about dogs getting married
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And by the power vested in me…

The cutest bride and groom in the world.

a smiling young African American woman hugging her laughing boyfriend from behind
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Partners in crime

Truer words have never been spoken, unless you count these relationship quotes.

Sad young man crying while being consoled by female friends
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The time has come

Deep breaths.

sports woman stretching
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Next up…

Big stretch.

Happy young women drinking champagne at bachelorette party on the beach
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Weekend with the girls

We have to be tan for the big day.

Calling Your Fiance The Night Before Your Wedding To See If You're Still On For Tomorrow meme
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Just wanted to confirm

It’s never a bad idea to double check. Now that you’ve cackled at these wedding memes, take a look at these zodiac memes that will make you feel seen.

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