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20 Weird Things You Can Really Buy at Home Depot

Home Depot is a virtual wonderland for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Of course, if you spend enough time hunting the aisles in search of the perfect item to complete your project, you may come across some products that will surprise you.

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Coyote urine


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It’s not every day that you run to the store for a fresh bottle of urine but when that day comes, Home Depot has you covered. Used to keep pests and critters at bay, coyote urine identifies your property as home to a predator. Or at least home to someone who buys urine by the gallon. Available in bulk or in its own dispenser. Learn the money-saving secrets Home Depot employees want you to know.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.


Disassembled pallets


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Pallet furniture and projects have grown increasingly popular. Their rough-hewn and weathered look brings character to everything from headboards to Christmas decorations. This spike in popularity has been driven in part by the affordability and easily obtained nature of pallets. But if you don’t want to bother taking a prybar to a dirty, reclaimed pallet on your own, you can buy disassembled pallets at Home Depot. Perhaps the best part of the disassembled pallets is that they’re available for home delivery. Which means that if you order a few of them, they’ll likely be delivered on…a fully assembled pallet. See what you’re not buying at Home Depot, but should be.


Snorkeling gear


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Snorkeling gear on its own isn’t funny. Home Depot on its own isn’t funny. And yet somehow, when you see a set of snorkel, mask, and fins while browsing for galvanized nails and light bulbs, it’s funny. Perhaps it falls under the category of safety equipment? Read about the strangest things Home Depot employees have seen at work.




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This is a great accessory to spook-ify your house for Halloween. Or this works to make that nine-foot spider feel more at home. The Webcaster is a glue gun that attaches to an air compressor. With the added air pressure, the hot glue spins out long strands that look like classic, creepy spider webs. Works with regular hot glue sticks, or Webcaster specialty glue sticks. Although a bit unusual to find something like this at Home Depot, it does make for fun “haunted” decorations. Find the best home improvement store in your region.


Blank ammunition


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This fits into the “useful but weird” classification. Powder-actuated tools are useful when working with concrete or other hard masonry surfaces. Activated by a hammer blow or trigger pull, these tools use small-caliber loads to deliver propulsion to nails. They’re common enough on job sites. But the average consumer isn’t usually familiar with them. This means it’s always fun to watch people strolling down the aisle at Home Depot, and see their head swivel when they see what looks like a box of ammunition for sale. See what other crazy things people have actually tried to return to Home Depot.


Biker babe pot


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What’s better than a bodiless gray-haired biker granny? A bodiless gray-haired biker granny with a plant on her head! This planter is one of several unusual yard ornaments available at Home Depot. If you think these things are weird, wait until you see the strangest things you can buy on Amazon.


Milk crate


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A milk crate is nearly a universal item found in college dorms and basements all across the world. And they have been a mainstay of items repurposed for storage. But part of their appeal has been in their easy availability. So it makes this list because it’s a bit strange to make a trip to Home Depot specifically to buy an item often used as a container for other things.


A 50-pack of pink flamingos


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What’s that in your cart? Is that just one pink flamingo? Why settle for a single flamingo when you can have 50? This pack of 50 flamingos is a great choice to decorate the yard of someone who’s about to be 50. But no matter what you want to use them for, you’ll find these pink fellas at Home Depot. Believe it or not, this real-life animal actually lived in a Home Depot for 13 years.


Monkey key


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Tucked away in the shelves of your local Home Depot are countless little trinkets like this monkey key ring—strange, but adorable. Novelty keyrings let you grab the right key from your key ring. This is an especially useful trick when it’s late at night or a storm is threatening to soak you.


Luxury birdhouse


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Why skimp when it comes to the comfort of the wild animals in your yard? If you haven’t already scared them off with all that coyote urine, provide birds a luxurious lifestyle. This cottage style birdhouse features grid windows, wood shingle roof, dormer, and wrap-around porch. Available in the original colonial gray or robin’s breast red.


Sexy pirate yard ornament


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The last of the strange yard ornaments on this list is the classic Sexy Lady Pirate with Sword statue. There’s no disputing that this lady in Daisy Dukes and a tri-corner hat brings a certain attitude to your yard. It’s just hard to say exactly what that attitude is. Whether she’s alone, or accompanied by a biker lady planter, she’ll certainly make your yard more entertaining than ever before.


Shape .com square area rug


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Here’s a little nostalgia for when the Internet was just a baby. This is a bold choice for a rug considering it’s outdated, but not too outdated to call it vintage. You’ll get a ton of laughs and appreciation from those who loved the early 2000s.

Rubber Coating Sprayvia

Sprayable rubber


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For all of your sprayable rubber needs! This rubber coating is perfect for any DIY projects around the home including in the garage and the backyard. It protects against moisture and erosion, provides a comfortable grip, and will not wear down in extreme weather conditions. Check out these home improvement projects you can do yourself instead of hiring a professional.

Wall decalsvia

Bubble Wall Decal


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If you ever thought about adding bubbles to the wall, now is your chance. This wall decal is perfect for a child’s bathroom to make bath time a bit more fun. It will even stick to the ceramic of a tub if wall placement is less than ideal. The sticker doesn’t leave behind any residue and will remain sticky so you can reposition as many times necessary for finding the perfect spot.

Snow cone machinevia

Snow cone machine


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Increase your party game with this snow cone machine. This is great for cold drinks and yummy frozen desserts. The stainless steel shaving blade makes the ice fluffy and works quickly, shaving six pounds of ice per minute. The machine is also easy to clean. See what else you need for a great backyard party.

Horse Skeleton Decorationvia

Skeleton horse


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What could possibly be scarier than a human skeleton? A horse skeleton! Keep the neighbors (and trick or treaters) away with this creepy decoration. The glowing red eyes cut through the darkness and are accompanied by spooky sounds. See these other creepy Halloween decorations that you need to get this year.

Water Heatervia

Microwavable bed warmer for pets


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Being cozy and warm at night isn’t just for humans. Since dogs have fur that most humans don’t have, this product would probably work best for older dogs or dogs with thin hair. The heater comes in various sizes depending on the size of your dog and after microwaved, you can lay it over your dog’s bed.

Glow in the dark spray paint


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You can make anything glow in the dark with this spray paint. This could be applied to various surfaces and is quick to dry. Add some life to any toys, sporting equipment, crafts, and even on the ceiling for a starry night every night.

Antislip sprayvia

No-slip spray


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This spray makes any slightly slippery surface completely slip-free. The slip-resistant coating creates traction on slick surfaces and can be used either inside or outside. This works well on walkways, pool decks, garage floors, and even wood surfaces with a clear finish that won’t alter any coloring. Learn these simple home repairs that anyone can do.

Dog bookendsvia

Doggy bookends


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To combine both of your true loves: dogs and books. These are functional and serve as interesting decor for any room. Next, check out the strangest things you can buy at Walmart.

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