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15 Weirdest Inventions and Products of 2022

Necessity isn't the mother of all of these.

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Creative inventions

Each year, a new round of products and inventions hit the market—and some are stranger than others. Of course, 2022 is no exception. As long as human beings continue to identify problems or tasks that can be made easier or more efficient, there will always be people working to push the boundaries of existing technology. So what wacky products were invented or released in 2022? This year’s crop includes everything from a smart toilet, to nighttime ice cream, to a robotic laundry folder. Here are 15 of the weirdest inventions from 2022—some that you’ll have to see to believe. Don’t miss the most famous invention from every state.

nightfood icecreamvia

Nightfood Ice Cream

Voted a 2019 Product of the Year winner, Nightfood Ice Cream is the best kind of weird: a food we love with some built-in health benefits. Nightfood Ice Cream is infused with a variety of sleep-supporting ingredients—like minerals, enzymes and amino acids—that let you enjoy ice cream before bedtime while helping to prepare your body for sleep. The ice cream retails for $5.99 a pint and comes in flavors like Midnight Chocolate, Full Moon Vanilla, Cookies n’ Dreams, After-Dinner Mint Chip, Cold-Brew Decaf, Milk & Cookie Dough, Cherry Eclipse, and Breakfast in Bed (maple ice cream with waffle chunks). If you’re eating ice cream during the day, you may want to check out the best ice cream shops in each state.

drop wipesvia

Drop Wipes

If you have a car, then you probably are familiar with all the ways it can get dirty—including from bird droppings. That’s where Drop Wipes come in. These 2019 inventions are car wipes that are specifically designed to remove bird poop from the exterior of your car. Sure, you could use a regular cloth to clean your car, but if you’ve ever tried to clean bird droppings, you know that it’s not always easy to wipe off. These biodegradable wipes are made from bamboo and come with a formula that neutralizes acid, but won’t damage your car’s paint. They retail for $10.95 for a pack of 10 wipes. These 20 car accessories will change the way you drive.

Paper roll on toilet bowl in bathroomNew Africa/Shutterstock

Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

Most homes in the United States have at least one toilet—but few have one like this. Launched in 2019, the Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet is unlike any other model on the market today. For starters, it has built-in Amazon Alexa voice controls that allow you to check the news, find out the weather, or order groceries while sitting on the throne. In addition to that, it comes with built-in surround sound speakers, mood lighting, a heated seat, a bidet function that provides warm water for cleansing along with a dryer and automatic lid opening/closing and flushing. At around $7,000 this futuristic toilet doesn’t come cheap, but if you do have that kind of money to drop on a bathroom, Kohler also has a new smart tub, smart shower, and smart mirror. Though this toilet may do it all, here are 12 things you should never flush down any toilet.



Doing laundry is a time-sucking pain—especially when it comes to folding your freshly cleaned clothing, towels, and bedding. If only there was a robot who could do the folding for you. Well, as it turns out, now there is. Launched at CES in 2019, FoldiMate is a robotic laundry folder that was designed to fit in any room of your home. “Foldimate was invented by a California based startup committed to simplifying household chores affordably through technology, innovation, and robotics,” Michael Alexis, Director of Marketing at Museum Hack tells Reader’s Digest. “The company’s first robotic product, FoldiMate, will put an end to laundry folding as we know it.” So how fast are we talking? Folding a full load of laundry—around 25 items—takes less than 5 minutes. FoldiMate is currently in the prototype testing stage and not yet available for purchase. In the meantime, here are 9 laundry facts you didn’t know until now.


Cameltoe-Proof Thong

Athleisure is more than a trend: according to Vogue Business, it’s a $167 billion industry. And for a lot of women, that means wearing leggings as pants. As comfortable as that might be, it could lead to the dreaded cameltoe. To help solve this problem JIV Athletics created a thong that prevents cameltoe. The underwear is made with an insert that smooths out silhouettes in the crotch area. They retail for $32 a pair. Dealing with more than just cameltoe? Here are solutions to 10 of your most common underwear problems.



At-home medical testing has become increasingly available, and in 2019 a new product entered the market that helps people with a uterus better understand their reproductive health. Proov is an at-home progesterone test kit that uses urine test strips confirm to ovulation and track progesterone at home. The FDA-registered test is meant to complement traditional ovulation testing as an added data point in a person’s reproductive health. A single pack of seven strips retails for $39.99.


Speakeasy Wall Vault

Most parents or grandparents have a few items they’d like to keep out of the reach of children, whether it’s alcohol, prescription medication or something else. That’s where the Speakeasy Wall Vault comes in. This secret hiding spot looks like wall art featuring the American flag, but actually houses a full bar. The best part? You won’t have to worry about losing a key: the wall vault opens using a biometric fingerprint scan locking system. It retails for $219.95. Thee are 13 more of the best diversion safes that will fool kids—and burglars, too.

kegel trainervia

Yarlap with AutoKegel Technology

Many women have pelvic floor issues—particularly if they have been pregnant or given birth. While some turn to pelvic floor physical therapy to help strengthen their muscles down there and help regain control of their bladder, they now have a new option: Yarlap with AutoKegel. This FDA-cleared device walks the user through pelvic floor exercises by sending a signal directly to the muscle, making sure you get the right workout exactly where you need it 20 minutes a day, three times a week. It can be yours for $299.

flavored cricketsvia


Crunchy, flavorful snacks are irresistible. But what if they were made of bugs? This year, Entosense launched Mini-Kickers: big tubes of dry-roasted crickets that come in ten flavors, including Indian curry, Italian lasagna, lemon meringue, cotton candy, mango habanero, orange creamsicle, Mexican mole, sun-dried tomato, jalapeno garlic, and white cheddar. The crickets are humanely raised, non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide-free, and are high in B-12, iron, and protein. One 10 gram tube of crickets (approximately 100) costs $5.99, or you can try all 10 flavors for $54.95. Grossed out? Don’t be. You’re probably already eating one of these 13 foods that contain bugs.

multi toolvia

Geekey Multi-tool

Traveling puts you in all sorts of circumstances, different to what you experience in your everyday life. And sometimes, you are faced with a situation where you need some sort of tool, but may not have brought it with you. That’s where the TSA-compliant Geekey comes in. This product combines more than 16 tools into a compact piece of industrial-strength steel, barely larger than a house key and weighing less than one ounce. It includes three types of screwdrivers (combination slotted, Phillips and square), imperial and metric closed wrenches, a wire bender, a bottle opener, a wire stripper, a 90-degree protractor, file and bike spoke key, among other things. It retails for $26.99. These 15 other travel accessories will help you solve any on-the-go emergency.

mouse ringvia

Padrone Ring

If you’re someone who likes using a touchpad as a mouse, then you may be interested in the Padrone ring, which basically turns any surface into a touchpad. You wear the ring on your index finger of either hand, and your wrist stays on the flat surface as you use it. Once your index finger touches the table, the mouse pointer starts to follow your fingertip, and continues to do so until you lift your finger again. The Padrone ring connects to your computer and other devices via Bluetooth and though it was introduced in 2019, it’s not available for purchase at this time.

astronomy mini cameravia


If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and seen amazing photos of the night sky, you may have considered getting an astronomy camera for yourself. If you’ve looked into it, then you know how large and bulky the specialized camera equipment can be. But in 2019 a new option was introduced: the NANO1—a 3.5-ounce pocket-sized astronomy camera. Small but mighty, this camera allows you to capture natural phenomena like the Milky Way and the Northern Lights. It’s currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.



We hear a lot about our metabolism and how much it has to do with our health, so it makes sense that it has been the target of biohackers looking to alter the way the body processes energy. Though the science behind Lumen isn’t new, the technology is. The device uses a CO2 sensor and flow meter to determine your CO2 concentration in a single breath, which indicates the type of fuel your body uses to produce energy. Then, each morning, you breathe into the device to determine your energy needs for the day, and Lumen provides personalized recommendations for your nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Lumen is currently available for $199.

smart food storage systemvia

Ovie Smarterware

Prepping your meals ahead of time for the week can feel great and save a lot of time. But how do you know when the food you’ve already cooked has gone bad? A new product—Ovie Smarterware—is the world’s first smart food storage system. It works using removable, waterproof SmartTags, which attach to your food storage containers and change color based on the state of your food—green to indicate it was freshly tagged, yellow to indicate you should eat it soon, and red to let you know you should throw it out. It’ll also sync up with your smartphone, letting you know exactly what’s in your fridge at any given time. The Ovie starter kit is available for pre-order for $130.

robot dogvia

Kiki Pet Robot

Want a pet but not the hassle of keeping another living thing alive? If you were a fan of the Tamagotchi in the ’90s, you’ll probably want a Kiki Pet Robot. This AI-enabled companionship robot made its debut in 2019, and uses a camera to attempt to sense how a person is feeling and adjust their behavior accordingly. It also gets to know its owner’s personality over time, and does things like sing or dance when their person appears to be down in the dumps. The Kiki Pet Robot isn’t currently available for purchase and is still seeking a distributor. These are the 15 tech gadgets every pet needs.

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