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14 Weirdest Things Movers Have Found in Homes

When professional movers turn up on the job, there's no telling what they might find. One moving team reveals the strangest stuff they've seen.

Five month German Shepherd puppy waiting by the doorspryzmat/Shutterstock

Taxidermied dog

In the 20 years since founding Dumbo Moving + Storage, Lior Rachmany has seen some amazing aspects of his customers’ lives while packing up their belongings. One time, Rachmany and his team entered a customer’s home and were a bit surprised to see what appeared to be the family dog, a German Shepherd, just sitting there. “He was sitting upright on a platform, not barking. Not moving,” Rachmany recalls. It took him a moment to realize the family pet had been stuffed.

handgun and knife on old backgroundJiri Hera/Shutterstock

A weapons arsenal

On another move, Rachmany and his team flicked on the lights in the basement to find the room filled with weapons: grenades, machine guns, handguns, bows and arrows, knives of all shapes and sizes, and enough bullets to take down an army. “It was an extremely shocking and scary find and we were so relieved when we finished; we had to actually secure and reinforce all the weapons.”

Old wooden chest with closed litnooreman noor faadi/Shutterstock

A magician’s box

While moving a young family to a new home, Rachmany came upon a six-foot-long wooden box along with three smaller boxes that fit inside. The boxes had openings on opposites sides and metal railings that clicked together like a train track. Rachmany had no idea what it all meant—until he learned the owner of the home was a magician. “We can reveal that we moved him,” Rachmany jokes, “but not any of his tricks.” Watch out for the 15 ways movers can pull tricks on you.

Woman with straitjacket, dark backgroundArturs Budkevics/Shutterstock

A straitjacket

When you consider the purpose of a straitjacket—that long-sleeved garment used by mental health professionals to restrain people who might otherwise do violence to themselves or others—you can see why it might be upsetting to stumble across one in a private home. Rachmany did just that. “It was made of leather. And there was a matching leather mask as well,” he recalls.

Creepy ventriloquist dummy with green eyes sitting on a wooden stool,Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

Vintage ventriloquist dummies

Rachmany’s team opened a huge wooden box in a customer’s house to find it filled with both male and female ventriloquist dummies. Some were fully assembled; others were partially broken and unclothed. “Pretty unsettling,” Rachmany recalls, shaking his head. These are the 12 things you should never put on a moving truck.

Accessories for BDSM on a white background.Zapylaiev Kostiantyn/Shutterstock

Sex dungeon

Rachmany has had some pretty unusual encounters while on the job, but being hired by a sex dungeon took the cake: “The place was filled with old candles and gothic-style furnishings, but that was just the beginning—before we even saw the smoke and fog machine. And then we got to the whips, chains, and torture wheel.”

Blank TombstoneMr.Nikon/Shutterstock

Gravestone, gently used

Talk about planning ahead: Rachmany’s crew once had to move a granite tombstone to someone’s new home. The stone was engraved with the owner’s name and date of birth; the date of death was still blank. Check out these 13 awful but real moving day horror stories.

Graffiti brick wall, colorful backgroundDario Rigon/Shutterstock

A large chunk of a wall

Usually, a mover’s goal is to empty a house and leave the walls bare. In this situation, Rachmany had to literally move a wall—the owner had a five-by-five-foot red brick wall that was covered in colorful graffiti.

helmet of a gladiator, part of the stage costumeLana K/Shutterstock

A set of armor

Picture armor like the kind Russell Crowe wore in the movie Gladiator: “We’ve had to move a full set of golden gladiator armor before,” Rachmany says. “It included a leather skirt and the gold helmet had a red plume on top.” Use these 16 tricks to keep your moving day stress free.

Retro fortune telling gypsy in an amusement arcade.Marbury/Shutterstock

An arcade fortune teller

“We once moved one of those old-timey fortune teller machines,” Rachmany tells Reader’s Digest. “You know, with a gypsy inside a glass dome, a crystal ball, and tarot cards.” Unfortunately, Rachmany didn’t get a chance to plug in the machine and test it out.

INWALD, POLAND - AUGUST 12, 2018 : Miniature Park "Dream world", small Mount Rushmore- sculptures of USA presidents (Dakota) in 1:25 scaleJolanta Wojcicka/Shutterstock

Mount Rushmore

Okay, it was a to-scale replica, but it wouldn’t fit on a bookshelf. This intricate model was about four feet long and two feet high. Thankfully for Rachmany and his crew, it was carved out of wood, not stone.

Black candle in the circle with pentagram and magic candles on old table. Black magic ritual with occult, evil and esoteric symbols. Scary halloween riteVera Petruk/Shutterstock

An altar to Satan

“In one home we were moving, we came across a small black table with claws for legs and a pentagram carved into the table top [and] a creepy-looking candelabra, with what had to have been the wax residue of a thousand candles,” says Rachmany. He was convinced he was moving a satanic altar. Here are 14 more creepy things found in people’s homes.

Prostheses,Through the use of prosthetics worn.Warapon Yusamran/Shutterstock

Prosthetic limb

About two million people are living with limb loss, so it shouldn’t be all that unusual for a home to have a prosthetic limb in it. Still, coming upon a fairly realistic-looking prosthetic leg was quite startling when it happened to Rachmany. “We definitely handled it with care.”

VARIOUSGlobe Photos/Shutterstock

I Love Lucy collection

Rachmany and his team once discovered a shrine to Lucille Ball, or more specifically, to her television show, I Love Lucy. “There was an entire DVD collection, a red Lucy wig, tons of I Love Lucy dolls, snow globes, plates, etc. If it was related to the show, they had it.” Next, check out 12 of the craziest things found during home inspections.

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