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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Photos of Adorable Dogs and Their Quirky Owners

Behind the scenes at one of the most famous dog shows in the world.

Photograph by Glenn Glasser

Ronald Trotta with Schmitty the Weather Dog, Yorkshire terrier

“I’m a meteorologist. We go into schools and teach young kids to be excited about science, mathematics, and fashion, all at the same time!”

Photograph by Glenn Glasser

Linda A. Butsch with Sam, corgi

“My husband passed away in ’06. A few years later, the corgis we’d shared passed away too. I went to a breeder, and they had Sam. He saved my life. Just being the perfect dog and being there after … I had a loss, you know. He filled the void.”

Photograph by Glenn Glasser

Ruben Santana with King Tut, Pomeranian

“I’m a dog stylist. This is King Tut. He’s a rescue. He was abandoned in my styling salon, and they never came back for him. He charms the hearts of many. It’s a wonderful thing, you know; he can put a smile on anyone’s face. We also have three more.” How did you decide to bring just King Tut? “He’s the lightest.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

Darius McPhall and Buzz, long coat Chihuahua

“Actually, this is my second job. I’m primarily an accountant.”

Photograph by Glenn Glasser

Donna Smith with RT, Irish wolfhound

“We have ten more at home.”

Photograph by Glenn Glasser

Jim Butler with Sasha, Tibetan mastiff

“His lion hairstyle is all natural.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

John Pacino with Mio Figlio, Great Dane

“We call him a Texas Chihuahua.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

Stacie Stern-Leaphart with Winston, Great Dane

“He’s intimidated by the cat at home. The 15-year-old cat has him under control.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

Dylan de la Cruz with Sophie, Pug

“Art was my love, I like drawing. Because of my artistic abilities, I applied it to math. I did a number of innovative discoveries in that area. And then I became headmaster at a school for tae kwon do!”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

Manuel Alejandro Quintero and Molly, Bullmastiff

“I have ten Bullmastiffs in my house. But this one sleeps right next to me.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

Sharon Massad with Boomer, Brussels Griffon

“I’m a retired Montessori school teacher. But now we do this full-time. We’re out every weekend.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's DIgest

Tom Flores with Marco, Chesapeake Bay Retriever

“I’ve got a few dogs. I should say they’re all equal, it’s like people with their kids. But I have to admit, he’s the favorite.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

Vickie Venzen with Face, cane corso

“I work for the government. I’m an environmental protection specialist. His full show name is Apex It’s Time to Face the Truth.”

Glenn Glasser for Reader's Digest

Nancy Liebes with Barry, Komondor

“His show name is Yes I Can. We named him during the presidential elections five years ago, which is why we call him Barry for short.”

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