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What Company Logos Looked Like When They Were Young

The Microsoft logo beefed up, the Apple logo stripped down, and McDonald's used to be a "famous barbeque." You decide whether these famous company logos changed for the better, or worse.

yahoovia Yahoo


Like a persnickety bride before her wedding, Yahoo! Inc. tried 30 new looks for 30 days in a row before settling on the clean purple getup you see here. The logo redesign is tame compared to some other contenders, sticking close to the company’s original 1994 design. You’ll also have fun learning the quirky secret messages hidden in famous company logos.

Microsoftvia Microsoft


When you’re as big of a brand as Microsoft, you don’t have to tell people your name. Microsoft ditched its name logo and opted for iconic colored boxes.

Starbucksvia Starbucks


Similar to Microsoft, Starbucks removed its name from its green logo. That doesn’t mean it lacks a good story, though. Have you ever noticed this hidden detail in the Starbucks logo?

Applevia Apple

Apple Inc.

It’s hard to imagine that Apple, a leader in the minimalist space, used to have such a busy logo.

McDonaldsvia McDonalds


McDonald’s went from touting its barbeque to boasting about its exemplary customer service. Don’t miss these 75 mind-blowing facts about McDonald’s.

Cokevia Coke

Coca Cola

 Coca-Cola switched to its classic red logo in 1947.


National Broadcasting Company

We all know the news can be a bit doom and gloom. But this old NBC label takes things to a whole new level.

Burger kingVia burger king

Burger King

BK’s original logo paid homage to its “Burger King” character. You’ll never guess what these popular brands are called in other countries.

via firefox


Firefox used to be represented by a … fire-y swan?

via AT&T


 The “long distance telephone” logo was a trademark of Bell System, one of the precursors to AT&T. Check out these company names that you didn’t know had secret meanings.

via GE

General Electric

GE has clung to its roots with its cursive letters. You may know GE stands for General Electric, but find out what these common acronyms you see all the time actually mean.

via mercedes


After more than a century in business, Mercedes Benz decided an ironic logo could represent them just as well as their name.

ikeavia ikea


The Swedish retailer chose bright yellow and blue for its new-and-improved logo. By the way, IKEA is just one of the company names you’re actually pronouncing wrong.

via cartoon network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network previously featured one of its characters in its logo.


Walt Disney

Walt Disney simplified their name and converted their formerly golden logo in to a classic black. Learn the 23 secrets Disney employees won’t tell you.

googlevia google


While Google’s search functions have come a long way since it first hit the scene, its logo has remained fairly similar.

Legovia lego


It’s hard to believe Lego has been around for nearly a century. And it’s seen a lot of change since its humble beginnings in Denmark.

amazonvia amazon


Before Amazon was one of the biggest online destinations in the world, Jeff Bezos, its owner, used the platform to sell books out of his garage. Don’t miss the fascinating story of what Amazon was almost called.

Reader's Digest

Reader’s Digest

The Reader’s Digest logo has undergone quite a few changes since the magazine launched in 1922. And while the magazine title is fairly self-explanatory, you’ll want to learn the fascinating origins of 14 famous company names.