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What Do You Give Your Pet on Valentine’s Day?

Our Facebook fans share the ways they show the love to Fido and Fluffy.

We asked our Facebook followers to share the nice things they’ll do for their pets on this special day.

1. Heart-shaped dog treats!
Mary Ann Voss

2. New scratching post and a fresh bag of catnip.
Lora Parker

3. Really? Gifts for pets on Valentine’s Day? Seems a bit excessive.
Emily Peterson

4. Maybe an extra piece of meat from my dinner.
Suzanne Gerard

5. A long walk, a homemade meal, and lots of hugs and kisses!
Mary Harper

6. A day of relaxation at the dog spa.
Ardyey Navarro

7. Catnip for my loveable kitties and a squeaky toy for the puppy.
Anna Karner

8. A rawhide bone ties with a red bow.
Mitzi Goldman

9. I’d take him outside, let him bark at cats… and I’d pretend to scold him.
Ramdina Hnamte

10. A big carrot and lots of love for my horse!
Kaitlin Del Piano

11. Her own facebook profile! LOL!
Yazz Viera

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