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What It’s Like to…

From delivering a baby at home to falling seven stories in a river kayak, these ordinary people lived through extraordinary experiences—and told us all about them.

Deliver your wife’s baby

“About three weeks before her due date, my wife, Melanie, suddenly doubled over in pain and started having intense contractions. One minute she was fine, the next minute she was moaning, all the agony of childbirth hitting her in a single wave. She managed to squeeze out a sentence: ‘Call an ambulance.'” Read more »

Kayak over a waterfall

“I had reached the end of the earth. The whole world just dropped away, and I felt very small. And then I really had to pay attention because I was falling facedown into a speck of water seven stories below me.” Read more »


“The first couple of seconds are a vacuum of time while you’re waiting for things to happen. I get about three seconds of euphoria and of complete calm and freedom from the rest of my life. Then I snap to attention because I have four seconds to save my own life.” Read more »

Win a game show

“I knew the question to the answer when Alex Trebek read it. I felt a flash of remorse that I hadn’t gone for it all. But then a wave of joy and pride wiped it out. I had won Jeopardy! I was the champ, and I would return.” Read more »

Find a stash of cash, then return it

“There was more than one box of money. I found another seven boxes full to the brim, plus two big black trash bags full of cash. In all, about $45,000. In my attic.” Read more »

Originally Published in Reader's Digest