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10 Style and Beauty Tips to Get You Through Holiday Party Season

Not sure what to wear to a holiday party? Here's how to make getting dressed for your party circuit easier, speedier, and more special, according to experts.

Courtesy Mackenzie-Kassab

Go with a statement piece

Conventional wisdom may be to stick with the little black dress if you want versatility, but lifestyle writer Mackenzie Kassab suggests the opposite. “Invest in one statement piece that can dramatically alter basic looks: a printed satin bomber jacket, or a jaw-dropping pair of boots,” she says. “My holiday go-to is a vintage brocade maxi skirt [shown]. Paired with a short-sleeve cashmere sweater, a white button-down, or even a sheer t-shirt, it looks completely different—and always attracts compliments.” It’s also a perfect solution for what to wear to an office holiday party—it’s festive without being too risqué.

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Marcy Cruz via Fearlessly Just Me

Invest in seasonless pieces

Marcy Cruz, blogger at Fearlessly Just Me and editor at PLUS Model Magazine says, “As a plus-size woman, shopping for a holiday look can be a challenge, so simplicity is a must for me.” Her solution for what to wear to a holiday party? I like to invest in key pieces that are seasonless, such as a sequin blazer, a gold shimmer skirt, or a faux fur stole or wrap.” Check out these ways to make your outfit look expensive.

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Consider small upgrades

While buying new dresses for a holiday party is fun, the little details are what make your outfit standout. “Sometimes it’s all in the little things that can make a big statement but still be effortless,” Cruz says. “I like to wear a simple red or black wrap dress or skater style dress and add a brooch, a wide sequin belt, or some blinged out earrings to add some sparkle.”

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Banish static, stat

It doesn’t matter how stylish your outfit is if you’re constantly fighting static. As owner of luxury consignment site Designer Revival, Tiffany Keriakos knows a few ways to ensure your party look stays party-ready. “Static can put a damper on your holiday look, so to prevent it, spray clothing with hairspray both over and under the garment, especially if you are wearing tights. If you have staticky hair, wipe a dryer sheet directly onto your hair to eliminate it.” Learn these brilliant tricks to solve any wardrobe malfunction.

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Freshen up in a flash

Keriakos also knows ways to freshen up, and fast: “Spruce up your patent leather shoes and or patent bag by applying a thin layer of Vaseline with a dry, soft cloth and rub it in until absorbed. It’ll leave a nice, shiny finish that looks almost new.” She suggests that for sweaters that have become “pilly”—especially expensive cashmere—”take a women’s razor and gently shave the pilling areas.” And finally, if there are any lingering deodorant stains, she says, “Use baby wipes! They also travel well in your handbag.”

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Allison from

Up your moisture game

Allison Schmidt of Mercuteify says, “During the holiday season, cold weather plus stress and traveling is seriously rough on skin. I’m a huge fan of upping the moisture as often as I can with hydrating sheet masks, serums with hyaluronic acid, and thicker moisturizer. The more moisture the merrier!”

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Via A Girl's Gotta Spa!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Shannon Smyth, founder of skincare line A Girl’s Gotta Spa, agrees that moisture is key, but you need to exfoliate first so the hydration can get to the deepest levels of your skin. “If you’re looking to get rid of dry patches of skin fast—because dry skin is not your best accessory!—use A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Salt Scrub with a body lotion. The salt scrub combines Dead Sea salt for an effective scrub and avocado oil to hydrate and help to seal in moisture,” she says. It’s the perfect recipe for brighter, smoother, and healthier skin.

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Via Georgie-Beauty

Go faux

One little set of false eyelashes can revolutionize your look, says Megan Maner, co-founder of Georgie Beauty, an eco-luxe beauty line. “We’ve reinvented the classic falsie and the traditional beauty industry. Our signature product is the Georgie Faux Lash Collection, featuring classic lash styles. They’re the first dermatologist-tested, PETA, and vegan-certified lash adhesive,” she says. If you can only do minimal makeup, add faux lashes and a swipe of red lipstick to get yourself out the door with a beautiful, glamorous face. Don’t miss these simple habits that relieve holiday stress and anxiety.

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Switch up your skin cleansing routine

Ildi Pekar, facialist to models such as Miranda Kerr and Irina Shayk, suggests paying attention to your facial skin and how it changes in winter, and switching up your routine if necessary. “Change to a mild cleanser and avoid using harsh toners which can dry out your skin and cause irritation. A deep-cleansing facial will keep your skin in check” and acne-free, she says, “and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.” She also suggests upping your intake of fish oil, and trying a home mask for dry skin made of warmed honey and organic yogurt. Keep it on your face for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Here are 10 facial masks for all your skin concerns.

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Via Pure Juice Highlighter

Grab a highlighter

In order to “ignite your light,” celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni says, “Add a highlighter like my Pure Juice highlighter to your eyes, cheeks, and lips to add a subtle shimmer, while playing up your best features.” Next, read up on these 50 ways to have your healthiest holiday season ever.

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