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What Your Dream Vacation Reveals About Your Personality

From private beaches to skiing in the Alps, you can tell a lot about a person by the holiday that tops their bucket list.

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If you dream of an island getaway, you like to completely switch off

Some people look forward to being as active and adventurous as possible while on holiday, but this doesn’t really appeal to you. As someone who works extremely hard or has a lot on her plate on the home front, you want your time off to be as chilled out and stress-free as possible, which is why you would love to visit a place with sandy beaches and clear waters like the Elephants and Emerald Islands. “Those seeking an island getaway, unsurprisingly, are the most relaxed travelers. Plans are always fluid and schedules are subject to change,” says Tom Marchant, co-founder of Black Tomato, a luxury travel company. Find out everything you should know before booking that Hawaiian vacation.

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Northern Lights fans are geeky in a good way

Do you spend hours researching the nerdy facts about your destination before you get there? Do you love programs and books about nature’s greatest spectacles? If so, we bet your dream vacation is a visit to the Northern Lights. “Northern Light fanatics, more often than not, have a deep rooted fascination for science,” says Marchant. “Prior research and wider reading is a prerequisite to any holiday, whether you’re embarking on a staycation or going in search of the Aurora Borealis,” he adds. Consider adding these unique hotels to your bucket list.

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None are more carefree than luxury skiers

There’s no shame in wanting absolutely everything taken care of once you’re on vacation. After all, you go to great lengths to book the best of everything before embarking. If you’re someone who wants to be completely carefree knowing that all plans are taken care of, it’s time for you to ski in Aspen or the Alps. “Luxury skiers go to every length to ensure their travel plans are perfect, but once at the slopes, everything is forgotten and their mountain escapades are all that they’re concerned with,” says Marchant.

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Vineyard visitors are incredibly classy

Your life is comprised of cultured interests and a taste for the finer things, so we know you’re dreaming of a vineyard wine tasting. “Etiquette is everything with these cosmopolitan travelers,” says Marchant. “Experiences are usually focused on the culinary delicacies, and bragging rights are paramount with this set.” If it’s not the finest wine, most renowned chef, and famously breathtaking views, you’re not interested. Before you go, brush up on these popular wine terms to sound like an aficionado.

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Rain forest explorers are hardy and vigorous

In your opinion, vacations should include a life-changing challenge. You spend the weeks leading up to trips getting in peak physical shape as you look forward to the tests that await you. Nothing makes you prouder than a feat of survival, which is why you’re dying to visit the rain forest. “Modern luxury is about more than pampering and first class service,” says Marchant. “Travelers looking to navigate untouched rain forests see the value in experience and are the kinds of people that won’t hang around if you want to stop for a break,” he warns.

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Reef diving fans have the best memories

Your friends refer to you as a human encyclopedia because you seem to know obscure facts about virtually everything. The same is true of your knowledge of marine biology, thanks to your passion for diving. “These vacationers know their shoals like the back of their hands and never forget a dive spot,” says Marchant. “Whether underwater or on land, these travelers have next-level recollection abilities,” he adds. Sounds like you? Black Tomato recommend diving in the bountiful oceans of Belize or Guatemala.

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The most compassionate people dream of going on an African Safari

If you’re someone that’s eternally modest and seeks humbling experiences, we’ll bet your dream vacation is an African Safari. You spend a great deal of time thinking about the beauty of the world, and want to find a way to make a positive impact during your lifetime. You enjoy a holiday that allows you to be quiet and reflect, and you welcome any experience that humbles you. Plus, “another thing that safari lovers have in common is their love for wildlife,” says Marchant. “From the Big Five (elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and Cape buffalo) and beyond, these travelers have a deep seated compassion and care towards humans and animals alike.” To get ready for your trip, learn about these 14 surprising endangered animal species.

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Sailing trip enthusiasts are upscale socialites

Are you known to have a lineup of parties to attend come Friday night? “Travelers looking for a sailing adventure are often social butterflies that know how to host,” says Marchant. “Forever throwing dinner parties? Odds are that a luxury sailing vacation is your perfect match,” he advises. Your friends absolutely think of you as a modern-day Jackie O or JFK because everyone in every circle seems to know your name as they sip Champagne.

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Philanthropic travelers are naturally selfless

For you, vacations aren’t all about how many stars your hotel has, which class you fly, or any other status-reflecting bragging rights. Your dream is to take a trip that makes a positive difference in someone’s life, and you don’t care if friends find that unexciting. “From helping local community projects to planning vacations that are built around a true charitable purpose, these travelers go to every length to ensure they give back during their trips and are among the most selfless group of travelers we’ve come across,” reveals Marchant. Whether you’re volunteering at the Desert Rhino Camp or working with Habitat for Humanity, philanthropic trips are the ones that matter the most to you.

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Backpackers are open-minded and balanced

Not everyone’s dream vacation is lavish and luxurious. For some, the ideal break involves minimal planning or material focus. If this sounds like you, it’s time to pack up your bag and book a one-way ticket somewhere beautiful. Backpackers are open-minded wanderers. They’re warm to everyone they meet, and love making conversation with complete strangers because they believe everyone has a story to tell. They’re usually holistic, balanced, and greatly appreciate the simple pleasures in life.