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When Is Amazon Prime Day—And What Every Shopper Needs to Know

For months, the question on everyone's lips has been "When is Amazon Prime Day," and rightfully so: Amazon Prime Day deals are quite literally some of the best sales anywhere online in a given year.

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When is Amazon Prime Day?

The fifth annual Prime Day, Amazon’s biggest sale event of the year, will begin at midnight ET on Monday, July 15 and will run through Tuesday, July 16 at 11:59 PM ET. The 48-hour event will feature over one million amazing Amazon deals, rivaling Black Friday as the biggest global shopping event of the year. Don’t have a Prime membership yet? You may reconsider after seeing these 17 Amazon Prime benefits you might not know about.

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Think of it as Amazon’s annual retail celebration—Amazon Prime Day is literally 48 hours of deals, steals, and lowered prices for those who are Amazon Prime members. (More on that below.) Bigger than ever, this year’s two Prime Days will provide an additional 12 hours of shopping—from 36 hours in 2018 to 48 hours this year—for Prime members to squeeze even more saves out of the day than they did last year.

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Where do I have to be to get in on Amazon Prime Day deals?

Last year, you could only participate in the Prime Day festivities if you were in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Japan, India, Italy, Germany, France, China, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. However, this year Prime Day is a global event, meaning that members in all countries are able to take advantage of the deals.

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When did Amazon Prime Day begin?

It was introduced in 2015 as a one-day sale that rivaled even Black Friday in terms of deals. It was also a celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary. These are the 15 Amazon hacks every shopper needs to know right now.

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What do I need to do to shop Amazon Prime Day?

You need to be an Amazon Prime member in order to shop the deals. If you’re not already, you could spend $12.99 per month to become an Amazon Prime subscriber, or you could hop on the Prime Day train without paying a cent, by signing up for its free 30-day trial sometime before Prime Day. College students can also sign up for a six-month free trial of a student Prime membership before the big day.

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What are some of the biggest Amazon Prime Day deals?

Amazon devices including the Echo devices, Fire tablets, and Kindle e-readers are practically guaranteed to go on sale: For example, the Echo Dot’s price is already down $49.99 to $24.99. The Kindle, everyone’s favorite summer reading companion, is also expected to offer huge savings: Three months worth of Kindle Unlimited, the virtual library, for free! Think about how many summer reads you’ll be able to plow through! Other items expected to have good deals are smart home accessories, phones, computers, cameras, TVs, fitness accessories, kitchen appliances, and beauty tools.

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What’s up with Whole Foods on Amazon Prime Day?

At any local Whole Foods Market, Prime members receive an additional 10 percent off literally hundreds of sale products along with new discounts on customer favorites every day of the year. To make sure you nail your WF buys, download the Whole Foods Market app—then scan the Prime Code. Last Prime Day, those with Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card enjoyed double reward benefits—an impressive 10 percent money back—when spending up to $400 at the supermarket. Not to mention Prime members who spent $10 at Whole Foods in the week before Prime Day got a $10 credit to use during Amazon’s celebration. We’re expecting similarly spectacular sales to hit Whole Foods Market on Prime Day this year—stay tuned to see how you can save.

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Anything to avoid buying on Amazon Prime Day?

Because Apple and Google are competitors of Amazon, don’t expect big savings on their products. While third-party sellers may offer discounts on iPads or Chromebooks, those deals are rarely as good as sale prices from retailers like Best Buy or Walmart, so it’s best to just avoid them. If you’re looking for shopping inspiration, here are 50 amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.

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What are some the best tips to shop Amazon Prime Day and Amazon Prime Day Deals?

Prime Day gives manufacturers a chance to discount their stock of older models, however, don’t expect to see the kind of deals you’d get on Black Friday, for instance. Then there are Amazon sellers who are so sneaky and raise prices beforehand so you a deal only looks like one, and isn’t actually a worthwhile purchase. You can remedy this kind of problem with CamelCamelCamel, a super useful website that lets you track the price history of any Amazon product.

If you’ve ever seen Amazon’s famous Lightning Deals, you know they can be hit or miss. This is also true for Amazon Prime Day—when the Lightning Deals are good, they sell out fast. Mitigate constant monitoring at your computer and download the Amazon App instead, which allows you to track deals from wherever you are. You can also use the app in advance of Amazon Prime Day by tapping the Prime Day banner to get a first look at select Prime deals.

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How have Amazon Prime Day deals been in the past?

Last year, Prime Day accrued more sales than Amazon had on any Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or previous Prime Day. In fact, so many people rushed to devour the deals last year that the website temporarily stopped working, sending customers to a frustrating yet funny page of an apologetic puppy. Despite this setback, Amazon sold over 100 million products, and more people signed up for Prime on Prime Day last year than on any other day in Amazon’s history. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon Prime’s 2019 numbers grow dramatically again. These are the 18 weirdest things you can buy on Amazon right now.