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We Can’t Be Friends If You Don’t Follow These People on Instagram

At its best, social media like Instagram can connect you with amazing individuals that inspire you, excite you, or just make you laugh like crazy. Like these people.

Pilot Bjorn Kindler

As a pilot, Bjorn Kindler has access to views that just don’t come easy on a regular basis. Explore Santorini, and just about everywhere else you’ve ever wanted to go, from the pilot’s seat.

Amateur photographer Tim Landis

Tim Landis is your everyday medical supply deliveryman, except with a remarkable eye when it comes to photography. Follow him to see sun-bathed landscapes and stunning sky shots.

Comedian Chelsea Peretti

When stand-up comedian Chelsea Peretti isn’t working on Parks and Recreation and The Sarah Silverman Program, she’s mixing up her Instagram account with tons of puppies, awkward Throw Back Thursday shots, and whatever she’s doing with her iPhone at that moment.

Chef Jamie Oliver

If you’re on a diet, whatever you do, do not follow Jamie Oliver.
The celebrity chef snaps mouth-watering photos of culinary creations, both his own and those of others.

Dog lover Jeremy Veach

Jeremy Veach, a 23-year-old photographer in Seattle, Wash., adopted his pug Norm a year and a half ago. Since then, he has documented every day of Norm’s life on Instagram. What does Norm’s day-to-day involve? Sleeping, playing with stuffed animals and wearing the dreaded doggie cone. His account has close to 56,000 followers.

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