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How to Never Scrape Your Windshield Again

Winter can be harsh. Not only is there all the snow blowing and shoveling, but scraping your car windshield can be a real chore in itself. Save some time (and your back muscles) this winter with one of these highly rated windshield covers from Amazon.

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Sukuos car windshield snow and ice cover

Not in the mood to brush snow or scrape ice off your windshield? This cover from Sukuos allows you to just pull off the cover and shake the snow and ice off. One user said it is easy to install and remove and does the job. “This morning the back window was under a thick layer of snow even after I scraped it off. However, I pulled this cover off the front windshield and had the perfect view,” he said.

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Auto Expressions Winter Warrior windshield cover

This durable windshield cover from Auto Expressions will keep your windshield clean and ice-free. The universal fit makes it great for most vehicles and it even comes with a mesh storage bag. “We recently had an ice storm and this cover along with a couple of towels for the side windows got me going in no time,” one reviewer said.

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OxGord windshield snow and ice cover

Get the ultimate in winter protection for your windshield with this snow and ice cover from OxGord. The thermal shield traps heat to ensure an ice and snow-free windshield no matter what time of day. It’s also easy to secure, no tools required. One user noted, “It is made from a heavy material and couldn’t be any easier to use.” Make sure your car is ready for winter with these 8 fixes.

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icescreen magnetic windshield cover

This magnetic windshield cover from icescreen is quick and easy to attach with the use of magnets. “The icescreen has been a real morning saver this past week,” said one Amazon reviewer. “I’m able to go out, pull the screen and warm the truck with no scraping or sweeping necessary on the windshield. It’s super easy to put on.” The shield’s pockets are also secured inside the front doors which serves as an anti-theft feature.

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SubZero heavy duty windshield cover

This windshield cover from SubZero features a universal fit which works for nearly all vehicles. When winter is over, just fold it up for convenient storage. “I bought this to avoid standing in the cold, scraping a tiny hole in my windshield so I could get to work in the mornings. This has been great,” said one reviewer. These 14 incredible snow removal tools will make winter a bit easier.

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Cutequeen windshield protector

This snow (and sun) windshield protector from Cutequeen fits any vehicle and can be used throughout the year. It’s easy to install, stays in place with magnets and will save you plenty of time during those cold winter mornings. “This works really well to keep snow off your windshield and makes it easier to clean your car off if you live somewhere cold. I like that it has a built-in storage bag because it’s easier to store during the summer,” one reviewer noted.

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SnowOFF windproof windshield cover

The SnowOFF windshield cover fits most vehicles and prevents snow, ice, and frost from building up. One reviewer said, “It was very easy to set up and place on my car. It did its job perfectly and there is no snow or ice on my front windshield.” The cover is also windproof and has an extra long hood skirt to fit over your vehicle’s wipers and sprayers. Check out these best-reviewed snow shovels from Amazon.

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Apex Automotive windshield cover

There are two sizes available for this premium windshield cover from Apex Automotive. Magnetic edges protect the vehicle from wind dislodging the cover, while anti-theft, double-stitched door flaps ensure a snug fit. One reviewer noted it saves a lot of time in the morning. “My entire windshield, top to bottom, was completely spotless, in the middle of a big snow/ice storm.”

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Ice King magnetic windshield cover

Give the scrapper a break this winter with this magnetic windshield cover from Ice King. Made for larger vehicles, the magnetic cover is designed to stay in place even during heavy winds. One reviewer noted that while lightweight, it did the job. “Best solution short of another garage space,” the reviewer said. These are the 13 things you need in your winter car survival kit.

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FrostGuard premium windshield cover

If you park outside during the winter, this windshield cover from FrostGuard will protect your vehicle from snow, frost, and ice. When you’re done, just place it in its pouch and store in the trunk or back seat. “I put it on the car when I got it, and that night we had a light snow after some freezing rain,” said one reviewer. “It came right off and tossed the snow and ice crystals aside like kids in a snowball fight.” Next, find out the things you should never, ever leave in your car in the winter.

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