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7 Frustrating Winter Fashion Problems—and How to Fix Them

Cute boots, cozy sweaters, and dazzling holiday dresses: What's not to love about winter fashion? A lot, actually. From salt-stained shoes to pilling sweaters, here's how to cast your winter style woes away.


Salt-stained shoes

We’ve all lost a pair of boots to dreaded white salt lines. While the best way to preserve your shoes is to coat them with a protecting spray before the season starts, you can still reverse the salt damage. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with one cup of cold water. Dip a cloth into the mixture and rub on the salt stains until they disappear. Let the shoes air dry and there you have it—good as new. (You’ll get better results when the stains are new.) Here’s the best way to clean every kind of shoe in your closet.


Pilling sweaters

There’s nothing better than wearing a cozy, beautiful sweater in the winter (especially when it’s paired with a skirt). But when you don’t take care of your sweater properly (ignoring the “dry clean” or “hand wash only” tags, for example), it can lead to pilling which makes it look worn out. Remove those little balls of fiber by “shaving” the sweater with a razor. Be sure to use extremely gentle strokes so you don’t accidentally cut a hole in the garment, and move slowly and carefully. Your winter wardrobe will thank you! Learn how to extend the shelf life of your favorite sweaters.


Static cling

In the cold, dry months, static cling can make even your prettiest dress stick to you in all the wrong places. Banish static with this little trick: Simply hide a safety pin underneath your clothes to remove the electric charge. If you’re in a rush and can’t find a safety pin, run a metal hanger under your clothes before you run out the door. Cool, huh? Here are more genius ways to get rid of static.



Wearing a sweater or a wool coat almost always means the blouse underneath will be covered in fuzz. If you don’t have a lint roller on hand, reach into your makeup bag and grab your trusty beauty blender—the lint will stick right to it!


A run in your tights

Does it feel like you’re constantly buying and trashing tights in the winter? The next time you get a run or hole, spray it with hairspray to harden the edges and prevent it from widening. You can also coat the edges with clear nail polish, which will have the same effect. (You’ll be amazed by these other creative uses for hairspray.)


Hanger marks

Winter fashion tip number one: Never hang your sweaters. If you already have or you absolutely don’t have space in your drawers, here’s how to get rid of those bumps the hangers make in the shoulders of your sweater: Wet your fingers with water and rub them over the bumps. (You can also use an ice cube.) The wet fibers will shrink back to normal once they dry.


Hat hair

Nothing screams winter fashion like a cute knit hat. The downside? Taking it off and revealing a flat, matted head of hair. To avoid that not-so-cute pancake look, make sure your hair is completely dry before putting on a hat. Remember: Wet hair + hat = flat hair.

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