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8 Wise Sayings From Everyday Dads to Make You Appreciate Your Father

These fathers passed on valuable lessons to their children—and we can all learn something from their words of wisdom.

Dave, father of Wendy

“Before you speak: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?”

Dick, father of Dick Jr. and Patty

“Manners go a long way, and they don’t cost a dime.” 

Dominique, father of Michele

“Be good or be careful.” 

Todd, son of Ron

“Whenever I was about to do something foolish or dangerous—or something, I suppose, that simply displeased my father—he would say, ‘Don’t let a little fear and common sense stop you.’”

Matt, father of Sarah

“The universe is full of magical things, waiting for our wits to grow harper.” 

Olive, daughter of Tom

“My father on all his children: ‘Between the hell of their living and the fear of their dying, there’s never a dull moment.’”

Amy, daughter of Jim

“In the ’60s, when my brothers would bring their long-haired hippie friends home to dinner, my father would sit at the end of the dining room table and ask, ‘So, any news on the barber strike?’”

Doug, son of Steve

“My dad would say, ‘Before speaking, you should think about what you’re going to say for at least ten seconds. Then, hopefully, you’ll say nothing.’ I still follow this advice; it drives my wife crazy.”

Originally Published in Reader's Digest