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8 Inventive Uses for Leftover Wrapping Paper You Never Thought Of

There's no need to throw out leftover wrapping paper scraps. Reuse them, and it's like you're getting two gifts in one.


Protect Holiday Ornaments

So much wrapping paper is wasted after we’ve ripped our way to a gift. Instead, use the pieces to wrap your holiday ornaments for safe keeping until the next year.


Secure Shipping Items

Stuff a package so it has a smooth ride to its final destination.

Wrap Books

Reading a tome you want to keep private or need to protect your kid’s textbooks? Cover with wrapping paper. You’ll end up with privacy and a pretty cover (here’s how to do it).


Make Pet Bedding

Shredded wrapping paper makes a great bed for pets in shelters or veterinarian’s offices. Ask if yours needs bedding material.

Make a Holiday Wreath

Leftover wrapping paper can also make a neat wreath. It’s really easy and produces a beautiful project you can do with family and friends. Get more ideas here, here, and here.

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Scrapbook It

Save bits and pieces of wrapping paper to add pizzazz to a scrapbook.

Frame It

Some paper is just too pretty to toss. Good thing it can make eye-catching (and inexpensive) art. Find a standard frame and fill it with your favorite wrapping paper. This is also a good strategy if you are trying to sell your home and want to depersonalize it for potential buyers without taking down your framed photos.

Jewels at Home

Line Linen Shelves

Folding sheets and towels may not be much fun, but seeing them on pretty paper can make finishing the chore more satisfying. You can do the same for a decorative shelf in any room.

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