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Have you ever really thought about your spending habits? Being aware of what you’re spending your money on and why is an important first step on your way to financial sucess. Let the journey begin!

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    5 Unexpected Places in Your House You Might Find Extra Cash

    Need $2,759? It could be right under your nose, in form of unused gift cards, clothes you forget to return,...

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    13 Things You Need to Know Before Grocery Shopping Online

    Reclaim your weekends and save money with these tips for online grocery shopping that will have you successfully avoiding the...

    10 Secrets No One Tells You About Shopping at BJ’s

    BJ’s is way more than your typical wholesale grocery store. These shopping perks will make you want to become a...

    8 Money Saving Tips That Helped Save Me $2,000 (and Counting!)

    Whether you call it a spending freeze, budget detox, or shopping ban, restricting your spending to include only necessities can...

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    15 Grocery Shopping Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Money

    To combat overspending at the grocery store, check out these mistakes you're likely making that are putting a real damper...

    13 Surprising Things That Cost More for Women

    The American Association of University Women found that women working full-time in the U.S. were only paid 80 percent of...

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    This Is Why You Need to Start Buying Gas at Costco

    Costco is more than just a cheap place for groceries! Those discounted prices can apply to a majority of your...

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    10 Things You Really Should Be Buying at Restaurant Supply Stores

    You might think these shops are for restauranteurs only, but restaurant supply stores offer home cooks some durable, affordable and...

    40 Smart Ways to Save at the Supermarket

    We’ve dug up a bumper crop of tools to trim your bill. Tapping technology and shopping around can help. So...

    The 10-Step Plan to Buying Your First House in 5 Years

    Buying your first house can feel overwhelming, but it's oh-so-worth-it to leave the rental life behind. We break down the...

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    This Is the Online Shopping Mistake You Need to Stop Making Now

    If you use online ratings and reviews to decide which products and services to buy, raise your hand. Well, our...

    You’ll Never Believe That THIS Is the Most Popular Makeup Brand in America

    Despite shopping in department and specialty stores, American women overwhelmingly favor this type of makeup, according to a new survey.

    11 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score and Fix Your Credit

    A good credit score is essential for life milestones such as purchasing your first home or car. Don't make the...

    26 Real Estate Terms You Need to Know Before Buying a House

    Real estate has its own share of lingo and some of it is hard to understand. Build your home buyer...

    13 Things Credit Card Companies Know About You

    How you wield that little piece of plastic can reveal how well you care for your home, the state of...

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    These Costco Shopping Tips Will Save You Tons of Money

    Get ready to save BIG at this popular wholesale store.

    7 Things You Should Know While Shopping for a Mattress

    What to keep in mind when you buy your bedroom's biggest investment piece.

    5 Shopping Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

    Before you buy one more present, try these tips.

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    6 Insurance Policies That Aren’t Worth the Money

    "Insurance is meant to protect against the really big stuff that rains down on you," says Fair Oaks, California, insurance...

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    Watch Out! This Popular Credit Card Company Announced a Data Breach

    The e-mail really did not provide many specifics.

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    If You Ate at This Popular Fast Food Restaurant, Your Credit Card Info May Have Been Stolen

    Bet you didn't order a stolen identity with your SuperSONIC ® Double Cheeseburger....

    If You Swipe Your Debit Card as “Credit,” You’re Wasting Your Money—Here’s Why

    What happens if you swipe your debit card as credit? Truth be told, most people don't know the difference.

    If You Don’t Ask Yourself These 4 Questions, You’re Wasting Money Every Time You Shop

    Going shopping can be a stressful task, but taking a breath and remaining present may save you a buck or...

    If You Hear Fast-Paced Music in a Store, Hold onto Your Wallet

    Retailers are using all kind of tricks to make you spend more in their stores. Here's the latest.

    This One Weird Trick Will Help You Control Your Online Spending—Here’s How

    Struggling to keep a lid on your online shopping bill? This scientifically proven trick could help you succeed.