1198 Seaward St. in San Luis Obispo, CA

"Saturday morning homemade buttermilk pancake family breakfast"

Mission San Luis Obispo, where the Walk for Autism was held. (Credit: Priscilla Sandoval)

For many years, over 20 now, we have invited our family and their friends over for Saturday morning breakfast. My mom, who is 90-years-young and has stage-3 lung cancer, and I make bacon, sausages, buttermilk pancakes, potatoes O’brien, and eggs for the family. We want to encourage family communication and growth. In our house, family and faith is first. With everyone so busy with work and school, this is a way for us all to get together and visit. We want to encourage our family to communicate with each other. Our family on occasion bring their friends as well. No one leaves hungry. Everyone is fed and well-talked to. This is how we share the love in SLO town.

Stories About 1198 Seaward St.

My daughter-in-law Victoria runs and enjoys marathons. We make signs to encourage her. Recently, her daughter, Makayla, who is six-years-old, ran in a children’s race. KC, who has special needs, recently had a team for the Walk for Autism in San Luis Obispo. We donated and I went to the walk to encourage everyone, since I feel this is a wonderful organization in our area that needs support.