Acres of Hope in Auburn, CA

"I never knew a love like this existed"

Silly faces for silly kids as they hang on the Acres of Hope playground. (Credit: Jackie Turner)

Acres of Hope is a place where homeless single mothers and their children get a chance to break the barriers that obstruct hope. We give these families a home for up to two years, while presenting a unique approach that gets women and their children out of broken cycles. We aid them in finishing their education, clearing criminal records, reuniting with children, getting higher earning jobs, finding permanent housing, and their overall personal success. The community surrounds Acres of Hope in love and support. One mother recently said, “I never knew a love like this existed.”

Stories About Acres of Hope

Tyler screamed, his little legs pumping as quick as they could. His eyes racing around the campus searching for a place he could hide and be safe. The CPS worker was at Acres of Hope for a visit in the process of reunifying Tyler and his siblings to their mother. Yet when seven-year-old Tyler saw the face of the social worker, fear and chaos erupted inside of his little mind and body. Tyler had experienced the trauma of being separated from his mother like many of the children of Acres of Hope. At an early age, they have been taken from their mothers and placed into foster care. They have experienced fear, anxiety, loss, and grief. Some struggle with attachment disorders from being separated at such an early age. When Tyler saw the CPS worker, he feared being taken away again. However the relief set in when his mother and the CPS worker were able to say, “Tyler you have a good home, and you get to stay with your mom here at Acres of Hope.”

When Tyler came to Acres of Hope three months earlier, he was a roller coaster of energy and emotions. The first encounter with Tyler on campus was watching him trot outside the window of my office joyfully with his hand raised high in the air. His high-pitched squeal gave away his excitement. Wandering outside, I encountered the young child and asked his name. “My name is Tyler,” he proclaimed with a big grin across his face. “Why are you so excited?” I asked. Tyler looked up at me, and held out his hand. “I have a key, this means we don’t have to go back to foster care,” he shared. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, and my heart felt the weightiness of this young child’s statement.

Tyler and his siblings experienced the trauma of being separated from their mother at an early age. They learned to fend for themselves, while in the system. They grew hardened to physical touch and healthy authority. Healthy attachment had been broken. They needed to know their lives could be transformed, and that renewal was possible for their family. Each day volunteers and donors provide this type of support to make their dreams become a reality.

Coming to Acres of Hope set Tyler and his family up to finally be free from the system. Tyler and his two siblings had been in foster care while their mom fought to find a home they could come back to and be a family again. Acres of Hope offered that to Tyler and his family.

For children like Tyler and his siblings, it is the stability they need to build a new life. Tyler’s mom will be equipped with parenting and mentoring classes that aid her in the process of transforming her into the mother she has always dreamed of being. For Tyler and his siblings, they will get to experience the love and nurture of a healthy mom as they go through their own process of renewal. Acres of Hope will be the last stop before the cycle of homelessness is broken.