Anahuac, TX

"Alligator capital of the world"

Anahuac – a place to call home. (Credit: Melanie Hunter-Olivarez)

This is the smallest, large county in Texas! We are on the Trinity Bay with many bayous, lakes and rivers running through our county. Anahuac has a population less than 2,300, and is nicknamed the Alligator Capital of Texas. Everyone you will meet here is friendly!

Stories About Anahuac

We remodeled our house before moving here. I was at the house daily with the contractors. My new neighbors, Willie and Rex, were quick to stop by and introduce themselves. Willie is in his eighties and just as active as can be! He offers veggies from his garden all summer, and is my new best friend in Anahuac! Rex works for the county, and was very helpful when I was applying for permits as we live in a coastal community. He’s also a great neighbor and friend.

Lisa and Charlie are now friends as well; she works at our insurance office. Katelynn and Jared live at the east end of our street, she owns a boutique in our tiny town and does my hair! Alison and I have helped each other with our bulldogs, she’s a total sweetheart! Anyone who is fortunate enough to get close enough to the people in Anahuac will find a treasure trove of charming characters! Each is so complex with something very special to offer. Anyone would be very lucky to call Anahuac home.