Angwin, CA

"Love dwells here"

We are a small, Seventh Day Adventist Christian community near Pacific Union College, located in the heart of the beautiful Napa Valley. All are included in many events and wonderful musical programs at the college and in the community, and it would be difficult to find even one person unwilling to help another person in need. Come for a visit and discover that brotherly love lives here!

Stories About Angwin

The damage from a small accident with my car prevented the driver’s side door from opening, and neighbor with experience in auto body repair happily repaired my door and refused to take payment. Another time, we needed a truck to pick up a mattress some distance away, and friend gladly loaned us his pickup for no charge. Elderly or handicapped people in the community often need a lift to appointments, so a bulletin is issued via email through the church office and community for members respond. Most refuse payment for the ride. We have a Facebook page called “Angwinville,” where the community can exchange ideas, items for sale, requests for assistance, or anything else they may need. It is as friendly a place as the community itself!