Austin Disaster Relief Network, TX

"Churches of Greater Austin bringing hope into crisis"

Austin has experienced more major disasters in the last ten years than in the previous 100. The community has pulled together. (Credit: Daniel Geraci)

Greater Austin is a city of mercy, which embraces all walks of life but especially when disaster strikes, a city that cares for its people.

Since 2009, more major disasters have occurred in Central Texas than in the last 100 years combined. Our community has been put to the test.

The churches within Greater Austin have decided to do something about it by organizing, mobilizing, connecting, training, preparing in advance in order to meet the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of those affected by disaster. Since 2009, ADRN has provided help to more than 19,000 survivors through a network of over 175 churches and thousands of trained volunteers. The community has also united in its giving by funding over $4.5 million into the disaster response since this time, not including the generous giving each church has sowed into through the sponsoring of over more than 2,500 families.

Between May 2015 and May 2016, the Greater Austin area experienced two historic floods (nearly 4,000 families were affected), a large fire that burned down 68 homes and a flood that impacted over 500 families. Not a normal year for this region!

Fortunately, over 850 individuals and families made the decision to sponsor or walk along side of family until they were back on their feet, meeting their short-term and long-term emotional, spiritual and physical needs. One family of seven, impacted by the Memorial Weekend Flood, came into our warehouse that had been sleeping in their car for several days and had only one tooth brush used by each member of the family. Without knowing this information, this family was able to shop at our Thrift Store for freeĀ and receive all kinds of goods but we found out that their biggest excitement of the day came when they received a Hygiene Kit from ADRN that included enough toothbrushes for each family member. They were elated about the toothbrushes and shared their story with us. We were blown away about how one small item like this could make such an impact on a family.

A fire recently destroyed nearly 70 homes. Families in the community sponsored those who had lost until they got back on their feet. (Credit: Daniel Geraci)
Even in tragedy you have to take time for joy and friendship. (Credit: Daniel Geraci)

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